Conclave of the Chosen Solo

I’m trying to solo Battle of Dazar’alor on LFR and normal mode on my level 70 druid with item level 405. I seem to have stuck on the boss Conclave of the Chosen. The chain “Mind Wipe” by Akunda’s Aspect makes it seemingly impossible to complete this boss as I am completely locked down. Looked up a pvp trinket called " Eternal Gladiator’s Fastidious Resolve" but it is not sold by the named vendor anymore. Anything else I can do to solo this encounter?

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This might just be one of those bosses that you’ll need a friend to come along with you since bfa raids are not yet classified as legacy.

Make sure that friend has something to dispel mind wipe because I ran it with a tank warrior and we still got shut down by mind wipe and got wrecked even though we are level 70 and the rest of the raid was relatively easy. Gotta love weird boss mechanics that make no sense once they send the old raids to LFR.

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Just tried doing it as a fury warrior with a resto druid friend. We both got the chain silence, so it was a no go.

edit It works if you stand on opposite sides of the room. The silence can be outranged.

Yes it can be solo’d. I did it just now on my Arms Warrior. You have a split second between mind wipe ending and being cast again that you can spam a thunderous roar or blood and thunder so that she takes bleed damage while you are silenced. You’ll get between 15-20% damage each time so about 5 casts

Nah, can’t take the damage without being able to attack or use skills. Plus they attack 2 at a time when you’re level 70.

It’s simply not completable solo yet.

Ilvl 459 Shadow Priest checking in. Chain silenced for 2 and 1/2 minutes straight, then got stunned & polymorphed so I couldn’t keep running away.

I hate that you can’t even melee

Just tried on Enhance Shaman & Prot/Arms Warrior, can’t be done. This needs to be patched out for small groups on LFR/N/H/M.

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You can absolutely solo it. I did it on my Arms Warrior. It takes time but its not impossible. I believe I was around 430ish or something ilvl since it was a little after 10.2 launch.

JUST FIGURED IT OUT as an UNHOLY DK - summon your ghoul/pet and send him in after one of the two initial bosses, then pull the other to you - keep them away from each other. Should give enough time to get yours AND the third one ALMOST down… BEFORE HE GOES DOWN (and that mind wiping bastard goes active), hit army of dead and gargoyle so that they auto atk the mind wiper. Even if the other initial boss isn’t down yet, just keep that one busy and send your ghoul, army, and gargoyle after the mind wiper. Once he goes down, you’re home free.

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On LFR as a 455 frost mage I blow all cooldowns on pull, quickly take out paku to eliminate the hex cast, then drop either of the other two with basic abilities saving my ray of frost, comet storm and glacial spike for when akunda is attackable, the second she does nuke her, if you dps fast enough, she will die before her first mind wipe goes off at 100 energy. done. on Normal, it is impossible to solo without a pet or a friend to to take agro and split them up due to the loa’s pact buff mechanic.