Concerned player curious what can be done about latest exploit

Yea yea, they fixed the exploit, but what exactly was done with the hundreds of thousands of gold and items that were flooded into the servers? CAN anything be done?

I am of the impression that the mass BOE’s, rare recipes, mass gold that has moved through the AH is there to stay and the damage has been done.

Am I wrong?

signed - Player tired of playing 2nd fiddle to rampant exploiters

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Nice cover story. How much did you make?

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none, I’m level 47.

Nice cover story. Your level has not one damn thing to do with anything. Let’s not pretend like you aren’t aware of that fact either.

You also know that Blizzard can and will do something about it. At this point, you’re just duplicating the topic that’s already discussed.

Sucks that this will have such a major effect on the economy. Hopefully the ban hammer falls hard on those who knowingly exploited this.

[citation needed]

The economy will work itself out eventually. However, I’m of the opinion that the people who exploited need to have their gold and inventory stripped.

Mass exploiters need bans, if not perma then their gold and mounts taken and any extra loot they still have on them stripped.

Only thing is is this would probably be a massive job for Blizzard.

We need some fresh servers in a disconnected battlegroup from these that start without layering. Whether it’s preemptive to phase 2 or at phase 2. Then everyone lying to themselves about these servers being salvagable can stay where they are, and people that can appreciate the obvious and care about the integrity of the game can reroll.

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Oh, I don’t know - maybe, you know, play the game and let the market take care of itself? I’ll be honest, I never understood why MMO players get so invested (pun intended) in economies that don’t actually exist…