Computer Upgrade

Hello! I am currently playing WoW on a terribly old computer; my cpu is an i5 650 and I have a gtx 1050 gpu. I am on a pretty tight budget but obviously WoW is diffiicult to raid on effectively on my very outdated PC. I could get my hands on an i3 9100 cpu with 8 gb of ram. If I used my current gtx 1050, what kind of performance increase could I expect?

i3-9100 with 8gb RAM is going to be better than what you have, but how much are you paying for it? It’s still a 4-core non HT chip with limited frequency, and with 8gb of RAM its probably single channel to boot.

Ideally you want at least a Ryzen 3 3100/Intel i3-10100 (4 core, with hyperthreading/SMT) to get good results in gaming these days, as well as dual channel RAM.

As for performance, the 1050 isn’t really going to perform too well either anyway on its own right.

What’s your budget? USA?

$900 Canadian ideally for a budget and I don’t have alot of experience building my own system.

newegg. ca/abs-computer-technologies-ali395/p/N82E16883102953
Has a 1650 super along with the i3 9100f, 8gb ram, 512gb SSD for $799can

Buy another stick of ram at least

Worth the $40

What could I expect performance wise from that setup?

From the ground up using AMD parts.

htt ps ://pc p artpicker .com/user Jay 8bit/save d/Vcds XL

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This is something I put together personally on pc partpicker, this will get you over 60+ FPS in WoW on a 1080p monitor.