Compuglobalhypermeganet WANTS YOU!

Yvan Eht Nioj! Welcome.

We are a newly formed guild looking for members of all levels and skill to join our guild.
We consist of kind hearted, friendly and helpful players who are always there for a chat or to assist in leveling or getting some gear.

We would love to start raiding 2 nights a week and will be lead by a 9/9H leader who is willing to asisst with every and all questions you may have.

Horde or alliace are welcome to apply as we dont disciminate in this guild.
We are LGBTQ+ friendly and courage all to join us for fun, laughs and all around good time.

Come and welcome your Insect Overlords and get brain freeze on a squishe!

hey if you guys are still recuring lmk chrish124#6184