Complete disappointment with Blizzard

thank you, there’s such a missed opportunity to help classic players with offering services like that, its beneficial to Blizzard to offer paid services to do exactly that. Good PR and profit for them. I cant understand why they would help people like me out.

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Yeah, vanilla is all that matters. Every expansion is just a bad version of retail. I don’t get the draw. Esports nonsense started in TBC. That mentality has been a thorn in blizzard’s creativity ever since.


I get it, but Classic was suppose to mean classic, the community who wanted classic wasn’t here to progress through WoW all over again, I had the impression that my characters would be more reliably taken care of then a Private server.

The other more annoying point now for me, is the first customer service rep said my characters were deleted clones and couldn’t be recovered. Then the next Rep in on the same ticket, said they put those “unrecoverable” characters were now placed on a WOTLK server… So someone in the course of my open ticket went against what the first Rep said and put those characters on a WOTLK server… if they can just break their own rules like that I don’t see why they cant put those characters back onto a classic server, this now seems more like a service they refuse to do, rather then a technical impossibility.


why are you subscribed then? To complain on the forums?

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I subbed because I wanted to play classic, you cant log into until you sub, so I did, and when I found out all my characters were gone I submitted a ticket, in the ticket the GM literally told me to make my voice heard so maybe someone will help me… so i’m here in the forums complaining that they messed up and they should fix is as per their instructions.



Not sure if you spotted the thread linked here but your questions have been asked and apparently a Blizzard employee responded.

I have no issue with your expressing your dissatisfaction with what has occurred. I don’t see why the default was progression if you didn’t make a choice. I wish I had better/different news for you.

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Thank you man, and from me its not hate on Blizzard, its just disappointment. I was so hyped to play classic wow with my wife and I was going to show off my hunter… I went from 11/10 to -1000/10 in happiness just instantly.

Really wish they would reconsider this, there just isnt a reason to not be able to bring back your characters. Like ill never log into WOTLK to play that character, all those hours were wasted.


Truer words have never been spoken.

People had months to choose what to do w

They were. Seems like you left early and didn’t follow up during the several months after they made the announcement they were ending the cloning service.

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I had taken the break right as I heard BC was going to be coming out, also had buddies quit around the same time. So I figured I’d take a break for awhile (plus 2020 was a pretty awful year for me) either way I totally expected to have my character still on a classic server not WOTLK. Like if I knew all I had to do was pay to clone, I wouldn’t be here talking about this now.

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Im just waiting to bring back cloning or a fresh server at least. I dont see a proper resurgence until one of those happens.

Here are some previous quotes from you complaining on the forums:
“This expac is a joke already, cant even log in without a new nerf…and you want us to tank for you gtfo ill pass on this one folks.”
“Between the nerfs and the way the community treats tanks, lack of meaningful content log in for raids log out WOD expansion Sorry to say i un subbed.”
“Theres alot to do” Does not mean everyone thinks its all “fun” to do, not everyone likes dragon riding either. This is looking like a in and out expansion.”
“i need to clarify there is endless busy work to do”

Good thing you’re not subbed as you point out in the second quote.

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I feel for you but they were upfront about what they were doing and how it was going to play out - well in advance. Pretty sure emails went out as well when they dropped the price to $5 and put an expiration date on it months ahead of time.

There never should have been a cloning option to begin with IMO and I find it kind of baffling they would just presume to move the toons into TBC (and beyond). Seems to me people like yourself should have had their toons glued to Era instead.

So yeah, it sucks and all to lose all that progress and you probably dont want to hear it but you can just start over. Its not like Era is going anywhere anytime soon.

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I do. Who cares about classic. People that dissapear for years at a time? What kind of player base is that?

Hey, had a good time last night, see ya in a few years.

Those type of players need to be booted from the servers so they cant keep doing that. Oh, wait… gj blizz.

So any characters still in limbo when the clone service ended were just shoved into Wrath and their Classic Era version deleted forever?

pretty much yup

Yeah it’s because none of the devs care about classic. They are probably mad they have to work on it. They just want everyone to be moved to retail. So that is why the default is to move everyone to the next expansion. The ultimate end goal is merger with retail. It’s pretty obvious at this point.


God I feel this, feels like Blizzard just slapped me for wanting to play classic

It’s good that you like TBC and were able to play.

I have a lot of empathy for people that were not able to play and may have left the game involuntarily. I mean 2020 (and into 2021) was kind of a crap year all over the world and who knows what difficulties our fellow gamers were dealing with. I sort of feel like Blizzard could take that into consideration and allow this if possible.

I know they’ve stated as I quoted earlier that it’s “very, very unlikely” but if there’s any chance I think it’s fair if they would consider it.


Just give it some time and see if they’ll bring it back. Only people that don’t want it back are the ones who cloned theirs already and are sitting on their high horse over yonder expecting others to do what they won’t.

Either way, it’s clear that for classic to thrive it’s either re-enabling the clone service, or start a fresh server and not allow any clone transfers.


Characters that have been purged from the system are gone. They’re not coming back even if the clone service does.