Competitive elements have ruined the game

M+ timers ARE the difficulty…
why do you people NOT understand this?

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I, too, like to compare apples and a tennis ball.

No one was talking about ‘gamers in the world’.

It really doesn’t force a meta unless you plan on winning tournaments. Plenty of weird arena comps make glad any nearly any comp is going to time the keys that regular people are running. The timer is the only affix that you can completely ignore that won’t make your runs more difficult.

Competition is fun, I’m not the one on the forums crying about how hard and competitive stuff is. Ya’ll are so sad lol.

100% agree

since they’ve apparently given up on frequent balancing because bliz believes that leads to more people quitting due to losing their investment in a FOTM toon and having to chase another fotm

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There are class changes nearly every week.

i play a survival hunter and i love it

i play it because its simply fun

i perform well enough for my liking. would i have a higher “rating” as a warrior? probably, but its boring, who wants to be good at something easy, simple, and boring. a lower rating on a higher skill class is more fun than a high rating on a low skill/easy class

i agree metas are terrible, but metas are natural, regardless of rating or not, in bg’s people would still play the “meta/easiest to delete the other character” class. we saw this before we even had rbgs.

if youre like me, and dont like metas, you either try to ignore it and beat it, or you play a new game where the meta isnt established and is really developing, and its not a bunch of people whove been playing for 15 years trying to min-max, but instead a bunch of noobs who are trying to have fun and learn it. where even the good players arent that good. like when fortnite first came out.

just because there are class changes doesnt mean theyre doing anything to address balance. combust is completely broken, as is the crit multiplier itself. warriors are broken, enhance shams are broken, rogue 100% crit legendary is broken, yet they change the damage of lightning shield…???

sure, theyre making changes, but doing nothing to address the massive problems in pvp

Nowhere did a say they were doing enough. I only countered someone saying they were doing nothing at all.

I can’t pretend I did not read the “i quit because you nerfed my XYZ” threads from S1 of BFA, when they were releasing updates every 3 days.

I wish they would just let those players quit.

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again, the issue is the inconsistency between classes.

A DK for example needs to play competitively to achieve ANYTHING relative to PvP. What i mean by this, is that he needs to be in Voice Chat, he needs to be coordinated, and he needs to be able to cohesively put together a kill setup with other players being involved.

A Warrior or a Ret paladin for example, doesnt need to play competively to reach 2100+. They dont need to use voice chat. They dont need coordination. They dont even need to know what other classes do.

You cant have there be drastic power differences between classes, or drastic viability differences relative to casual play, and grade all the specs/classes on the same rating system.

2700 For an Arms warrior is like the equivalent of 2000 for a MW monk.
How is that fair?

If you have the “Just play whatever is FOTM mentality.”, then these issues probably arent even issues to you.
But atleast 50% of the WoW demographic doesnt have the “Im gonna re-roll whatever is FOTM mentality.”.

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they understand it, they just ignore it so they can use timers as an excuse not to attempt the content.
“any challenge i don’t like is artificial difficulty”
“i could time +28s if i wanted to, i just don’t feel like it because i don’t like timers”
and so on


They should find a way to set up automation that “I quit because…” automatically locks your account. :stuck_out_tongue:

The timer doesnt create difficulty. It forces metas.
The content is capable of being difficult on its own, the timer is just unhealthy icing on an already iced cake.


It doesn’t force a meta. DK’s are perfectly fine in any key that anyone on this forum will ever run.

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how does it force a meta?

Brezzes, Lust, treents, soothes, Traps, etc… will ALWAYS be useful

There will ALWAYS be a Meta, timed or not

Melee = going to die from affixes = time taken off clock.
Non S tier DPS = time off of clock.
Non high DPS tank = time off of clock.

none of this has anything to do with skill, or difficulty, its all being orchestrated by a pointless timer.

you do realize people would still want to do the content faster even if there wasn’t a timer?

Yes. However they wouldnt feel like its mandatory to have a VDH or a Boomkin for example. Which currently people do feel that way, in the casual/solo player/pug scene. Certain specs are mandatory choices.

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DK is fine in any key that anyone here will ever run. You don’t need to worry about this unless you’re trying to win an event or something. It’s not a consideration for normal players.