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As the title implies I think it’s GRAVELY unfair to have achievements with pets that some people will never be able to get, for instance Graves battle pet. Now I really don’t know what entails because after reading up to the part where it said you can only get this pet through playing Hearthstone like that mount I was never able to get, I stopped reading. When Pet battles was first announced I thought how stupid, and of course we quit before MOP was released but came back with WOD, then quit again, and came back with Legion. Then guess what, yeah quit again, and as you can see came back, well this time I vowed to stay at least a year into the release, and yes I’m hooked on battle pets, although just like I don’t care for pvp, I do not pvp with my pets.

(Fengar) #2

From reading on Graves it sounds like it’s still possible, and easier than it used to be, to get him.

As for being unfair for achievements people will never be able to get, that’s just not true. Not only are most still obtainable; what you meant to say is “that I don’t want to do”; and in an MMO it’s expected of them to give different rewards for different areas, not to mention to pet is ever needed to be able to play the game.

Even if there are some pets that are now unobtainable, that’s fine too as the game changes and they add new items and change areas some stuff will go away and becomes vanity/collectors items.

Finally, I would recommend you try out pet battle pvp. It’s a lot of fun as there’s a high skill in it as it rewards being able to out think your opponent and guess what they’re going to do so you can counter it.

(Reconbravo) #3

Every single aspect of this game does not need to be accessible to every player. If, as a player, you are / were not capable of clearing the content to earn said item, whether it’s time related or skill based, you should not have it.

(Amayita) #4

Well, I know what I’m doing starting this evening. I didn’t realize it was still possible to get him. Thanks for this! :smiley: ETA: Apparently I was already at lvl 18, so that was easy peasy

As for pets that are actually unobtainable, it’s not unfair in the least. Would I like to have all the Blizzcon pets? Sure. Do I think it’s unfair that I don’t have them even though I didn’t attend Blizzcon or buy the tickets, despite being around since Vanilla? Nope.

There are also plenty of achievements I won’t ever get, simply because I know I don’t have the skill. (Mage tower shudders) But I don’t expect everything in the game to be ez-mode, and I think it’s awesome there are things / achievements really skilled players can do to show their skill level.

(Loncis) #5

I’ve been trying to look up Heroes of the Storm on Wowhead, but that malware-infested site hasn’t exactly been helpful.

(Amayita) #6

As in, how to get the pet? You just have to get your player level to 20 in Heroes of the Storm. I just do an AI team versus AI, thus avoiding other players. I also set it to the lowest difficulty, because I suck hardcore at those types of games.

That means I probably get less XP overall, but it means I don’t get any defeats, and aside from yelling at the AI because they die to the same boss over and over while I’m left alone to take on the other team…yeah, it’s not too bad. I like playing as Sylvanas.

(Taleranor) #7

I’ll always regret not having the CE pets for Vanilla or Burning Crusade, as well as some of the Blizzcon pets. But… whaddya gonna do, right?

(Loncis) #8

I don’t know what Heroes of the Storm is.

Addendum: Apparently, the reward is no longer offered. I eventually slogged my way through a tutorial, leveling my character to level 20, then logged out (even though there’s no way to log out; I had to close the window to force it to allow me to log out). I don’t have Graves, however. So those who are playing this game to get the pet are wasting their time.

That game is absolutely terrible, by the way. Horribly, horribly, horribly designed. The Devs responsible for it should not be allowed to keep their jobs.

(Amayita) #9

That’s strange, because someone on Warcraft Pets said they got it in August, and I got it last night. Maybe put in a ticket to see what’s going on there? Also, there should be a way to log out using the escape key, just like in WoW, or the button on the far right and bottom of the screen.

My only complaint is that I have two monitors, and instead of just moving my mouse off-screen to the other monitor to look at something while I was waiting to resurrect, I had to actually tab over to my other screen.

(Loncis) #10

I did put in a ticket, and while they acknowledged receiving it, they haven’t followed up yet.

(Fengar) #11

I don’t remember how you get it after getting to level 20, but you checked both your pet journal and mail box?

(Loncis) #12

Pet Journal and Mailboxes are a negative.

(Holsteiner) #13

I mean, my favorite mount of all time will always be my Onyx Netherwing. I grinded that rep when it was current (and absolutely brutal) content. The Netherwing Whelp would be a great addition to that motif, but I can never have it. Sucks, sure, but it is what it is.

(Loncis) #14

My personal favorite is the one we will never get, except around Halloween: the flying broomstick. If that were a mount, I would never use anything else, except in cases when I need a two-seater.

(Vertigineux) #15

I run two adblockers and I don’t have any issues. I am aware that there are malicious ads (or were? I don’t see ads anymore) but unless you’re intentionally not using adblockers, you really should be ok. And honestly, 2 is overkill.

If you hate WoWHead enough to bash it every chance you get, try using warcraftpets. As a WoW pets site, they should have the info you need.