Community guidelines on forum posts seem to be enforced inconsistently

I’d really like to see better explanations for “removed posts” that the mods decide to take down instead of some generic link to Community Guidelines and some vague description of what “the community” thinks.

If you aren’t willing to do this, I have to call the integrity of the forums into serious question.
I’m noticing some of my posts getting taken down for “violations” yet when I read the rather LONG list of what the guidelines are, I’m not seeing where I made any violation.
There have only been 2 that this happened to, but I’ve had at least 5-6 posts flagged for the same reason and then later restored.
Which leads me to my next point—the existing process of allowing people to flag posts as “inappropriate” and then auto-hiding them seems to be too easily abused–as is the system for reporting posts as “inappropriate.”

I think the least a mod can do when they bring down a post is to tell the user what they specifically did to earn that and that should be a REQUIREMENT to bring down a post; I also think users reporting posts should have to actually provide a reason instead of choosing from a drop-down. You already have such a system in place for reports of in-game chat; I don’t see why it cant be done here.
I’m seeing too many people use reports as a form of “dislike” (since there is no option to dislike a post) and this is a form of harrassment. People should be able to have a voice if they dissent or want to criticize; that’s one of the purposes of a forum. Please don’t allow group-think to dominate every conversation.

If a post is temporarily hidden or locked by reporting volume, it’s temporary until a moderator intervenes, at which point it’s moderator discretion to reopen, close, or hide.

The final disposition is not based on the reports. If a moderator removed a post, it’s because the moderator found it to violate community standards. You are free to disagree but that disagreement is irrelevant.

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that sort of black and white thinking is exactly why I’m asking for a bit more work on tehir end.
The hide thing and the removal thing are differnet; I’m not sure if I made that clear but I do understand that.
I’m saying that if they are going to remove a post then they need to give a reason and not just link to an agreement. I"m familiar with the agreement and none of my posts have ever violated the agreement, so if they are going to take something down, they shoudl have to say why. They also should put bit more onus on the people reporting a post to specifiy what the reason is if they want to reduce their own workload. They already do this in their game chats. Not doing this makes the forums moderation inconsisent and unfriendly and allows various “gatekeepers” on here to put a stranglehold on discourse; which defeats the purpose of a forum.

Two things:

Moderators generally don’t moderate on content unless the content is arguably against community standards, but there will never be wiggle room: moderator’s judgement is definitive. There is no arguing balls or strikes with these umpires. Some discussion doesn’t need to allowed at all on this privately owned forum.

Second: complaining here is ineffective. Blizzard does not accept feedback on design, content, or policy, in any of the Support sub forums. Moderation is never a bug, even if you disagree with it.

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wasn’t sure where to post the request. it’s a request, not a demand. It would bolster the integrity of the forums instead of making someone feel like the community at large will only tolerate certain ideas and the rest get harassed into submission.