Community Engagement

Given the queues and layers on Grobb (which is great for world PvP and I’m hoping for a similar experience on Eranikus), decided to reroll here to gauge the community before transferring my character. I would have preferred RP-PvP East Coast (RIP DD), but given RP is almost dead on Grobb, and the lack of world PvP on BB, thought this was the best choice.

The general chat of various zones are the quietest I have ever seen on any WoW realm and the trade / lfg chats are down to business, on the Horde side at least.

Is everyone just focused on leveling without the expected Barrens Chat like atmosphere of zone General Chat? Are there tons of bots and thus no chat? Is everyone just using discord or their respective Guild chat? Doesn’t seem to be much community interaction here…

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I for one, have all the public chats disabled on my main window - always have. Our guild is super active and talkative and thats enough for me.

But I think you could be on to something in regards to leveling. I autopilot all the quests and keep my eyes on the prize (lvl 80).

I left all chat channels when I was still on bene, and forgot to turn them back on when I transfered.

You’re right though, lfg is all down to business. That could be because people are afraid of getting banned for off-topic chatting, or perhaps eveeybody got sick of the trolling

Yep no one wants to get reported for “talking” in LFG. I’ve seen people catch bans for it.

Other than people asking for help with quests, the majority of general chat messages are KOS for other factions, or deeply confused and down right nasty people trying to farm reactions.

I started my first Wrath character Sunday night, as of right now I’m lvl 15 and have seen a total of 3 actual players in the zones I’m questing in. Idk what the deal is but it seems the 1-60 leveling will be a solo affair with no real option for dungeon runs to opt out of the mindless questing I’ve done 100 times.

At this point I’m questioning whether it’s worth the time investment to continue or not, I just want to heal dungeons and eventually raids on my Resto Druid. Don’t understand why Blizzard can’t add cross realm RDF for the 1-60 leveling range and at 60 it reverts back to the current LFG system. No one is leveling alts in Wrath?

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