Community Council- We need confirmation on how it works

I am really looking forward to seeing this council develop. This is the most interesting thing to happen in a long while.

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They said they wanted to make it as inclusive as possible. Can they, given that they up front are asking for content creators, guide writers, elites and (oh, that other stuff people do)? If the group is not 80% casuals it will not be representative of the playerbase.

Are you seriously thinking that they would create a group that is 80% casuals and take their advice, given the history of player relations?

While this is possible, I think it’s also possible that they are still struggling to come to grips with the fact that so many players left an expansion they thought would be well-accepted.

I think this is the probable end point.

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Apparently on the application(…I didn’t actually look at it) there was a section to provide functionally “references”. People seem to leap at this meaning they’re recruiting streamers. But it seemed far more open ended including linking posts.

It’s basically them going “show us what you bring to the table” and allows people to give an example of themselves being constructive.


There is 2 if I read correctly,one where council members talk to the community at large that anyone can post in, and one where the council members and devs can post in only.

The original announcement specifically mentioned online guide-writers and content creators.

I do not recall that at all in their post. I recall plenty of people zeroing in on their application allowing you to submit links to your works and people zero’ing in on that and shrieking about it being “STREAMERS ONLY”.

I do not see anyone in that thread either quoting or mentioning anything like that in their announcement. Just things like:

Referencing the application.

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I applied and did not see any evidence of this.

The question so many people are assuming indicates this is:

Please share with us links of up to 3 of your contributions to the community.
Examples: Stream, website, guides, gallery, videos, forum posts, feedback on game discussions, etc.

The answer to this question will demonstrate (or not) to Blizzard the person has a proven track record of community participation and establish the perspective they will bring to the table.

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I agree with alot of what you said, but to that end, I think it’s reasonable to state that this “event” will be significantly vetted, scripted, and will only portray blizz in a positive light.

Blizz’s ‘strained’ relationship with the community solely falls on their shoulders. They continue to alienate their playerbase, provide subpar and rehashed content, require significant hours and amounts of work for subpar rewards, and then blame the community when it’s not well received. On top of all of this they continuously disregard the community’s requests, remain disconnected with the community, and are still living in 2010 context.

Like you said, unless the event has over 80%+ representation from casual players who are not streamers, high end pvpers/raiders, people who don’t write guides and spend 40+ hrs on the game, the event will mean NOTHING to most people. This is because there is a very large gap between those who play the game like that and the people who play it like a game.

It’s not going to be 80% casual. Because that’s a functionally useless “council”. They’re not trying to represent players. They’re trying to represent playstyles. A casual BG’er is different than a casual Pet Battler.

Just because they’re both casual players doesn’t mean squat.

And yes, there should be people who just casually BG there next to people who hardcore focuses Arena. Because both should be represented. You don’t need 20 casual BG’ers and 1 Arena person. That’s a bloody stupid idea.

Idk, I just hope everyone on those forums is anonymous. Painting a target on their backs by going in their with their names/server/guild available.


It’s funny that you think ANY casual player will be represented.

Streamers, top pvp/pve players, guide writers, etc do not represent the 80%+ of the playerbase. Not to mention its highly naive to think 1 or 2 people should represent such a large amount of the playerbase.

I get what your saying that they want to give all playstyles representation, however, I HIGHLY disregard that naive expectation of Blizz. This opinion is based on blizz’s LONNGGG history of disregarding most of the community’s opinions and desires.


I’m pretty sure you’re right.

You are making the same assumptions about “casuals” that Blizzard has been making all along.

Casuals are 80% of the playerbase of every successful MMO. Any MMO that fails to maintain that proportion of players will be less profitable, because there simply aren’t enough hardcores to support a game this size.

Undoubtedly they will pack a high percentage of elites, streamers, online guide creators, and theorycrafters into the group. And you will undoubtedly get your wish. Those players who have never had anything to do with casuals will talk about solutions to “the casual problem”.

Your 2 token “casuals” will be ignored and quit.


How about you wait and see how it shakes out first to know if your complaints are justified.

Because as it stands you’re dreaming up a scenario in your head and complaining about it.


I am not dreaming of anything. Everything I have said is based on over 15+ years of playtime experience dealing with blizz.

You act like this is the first time blizz has done something like this, it’s not. Not even close.

If it was over a decade ago and ghostcrawer and that crew was still here, I’d definitely say let’s see how it goes. But then again they would never let it get this bad. However, with the woke crew that’s there now, I would NOT for a second put it past them.

Question #7:

“What areas of World of Warcraft are you most experienced in?”


Raiding(Organized and LFR), Mythic+, PvP(Rating and Unrated), Tanking, Healing, Ranged DPS, Melee DPS, Class Theorycrafting, Collections, Achievements, Playing Alts, Professions, Pet Battles, Guild OFficer/Leader, Accessibliity, Support, Forums, Cosplay, Machinima, Story and Lore, Roleplay, Other

Question #8:

"Which of these answer best describes your playstyle?"


Casual, Hardcore, Cutting Edge

Question #9:

“Hoy many hours do you play World of Warcraft per week on average?”


0-5, 6-20, 21+

Yuppers, definitely not including questions to try and find representation for casuals in both self-described and playtime.

Wait, let me guess. They really put those in there so they could weed the casuals out right?

They might do something like more actively remove or merge topics that are created when a space already exists for that topic and the topic creator just wanted more attention.

It’ll work just how the theorycrafting forum worked.

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They said I think iirc [memory might be off on this topic] that it’ll be a forum existing here but only approved players to the council can post, and interactions will be had with said council members and sometimes they will arrange live chats with said members w/ devs.

Once again, your naive to think that their intent is to be inclusive.
Why don’t you, for a moment, take a different perspective and see it how 99% of us see it: as ways for blizz to filter off casuals out of the conversation.

Why would blizz accept casuals who will ask them the tough questions?
Why would blizz accept casuals who will burst their bubble?
Why would blizz accept casuals who will actually expect realistic, unscripted answers?

These mere 3 questions alone completely dissolves your argument of blizz inclusiveness.


They have questions that could be used to ensure they have multiple viewpoints. But yeah, I called it. You’d say they were there to “filter” people out instead.

Shocking how predictable you’d be.