Community Council lol?

From the looks of it there’s a grand total of 2 people that represent the entire Classic community? Lmao

They don’t really even seem to be active, keeping up to date concerns of the community on this end. Seems overall kind of like a flop like people predicted it would be. Guess it was just a social stunt.

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it was all PR


I am pretty sure Blizzard even said it was going to be a flop, but it was done due to “popular demand”. I don’t see why anyone would play Classic WoW unless they have extreme nostalgia for it, from what I hear it was quite bad. Unsurprising result is unsurprising.

Yeah, they haven’t really done much lately.

I thought they were just inactive, looks like one of them last posted Feb 7th and the other one is advocating for TBC trading card stuff in Classic which is only requested once in awhile and really would do nothing at all to improve the game. It’s just something that they personally think would be fun apparently so they made a thread about it.

this is all I read.

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It wouldn’t matter if there were a thousand.

No one from Blizz reads urine-colored text.


The council or classic? There are still many classic servers that are alive and well, so I wouldn’t call that a flop.

I forgot it even existed.


well im just disappointed in everyone i guess

At least we still have Kaivax…

I can’t respond properly without being perceived as rude.

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Wow is a joke, every version of it. Retail is the worst, the “classics” are not what we wanted/thought we’d get. Season of Mastery is a joke. This company has managed to screw up everything involving this game for the past 10-12 years. There’s no coming back from that.

I play classic TBC (and played vanilla classic, and will play Wrath classic) for the nostalgia. The games are somewhat fun, but not fun in the original game sense of the word. Could these versions of the game be awesome again, probably, but no one in this company has the foresight to make it so. It is what it is now, and will never be anything different. It’s time to stop caring about this game and just casually play it for nostalgia’s sake. Blizz doesn’t give a dang about you, what you want, what their legacy was, etc.

You shall forget once more

Wasnt there supposed to be some announcement about sever health. Or was that just a post about how sever health was a hard issue and blah blah nothing months later.

I found the thread, it was buried a ways down.

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More or less that. There was the drivel about not wanting to connect realms due to that bs reason too.

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see above.

it was 100% a social stunt. the people they selected for it had little to nothing in common with the playerbase they’re supposed to be representing.

clown show

Remember months ago when they said they were exploring options on faction balance issues, etc? We have heard NOTHING on this… they DON’T care about classic, its literally just free money for them, they know most will keep playing regardless of issues. I wouldn’t hold my breath on any communication.

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PR stunt only

Rito James™ get accused of sexual harassment in the workplace, still expands it’s intellectual properties. Blizzard gets accused of sexual harassment in the workplace, removes low-rez paintings of womyn-persons, can’t manage intellectual property approaching 20 years old.

I’m not saying Tencent would be better than Activision, but I’m not not saying Tencent would be better than Activision.