[Community Council] Live Chat feedback

Before I begin, I want to say that each and every Live Chat that I’ve been in, has been an absolute blast and one of my gaming career highlights has been to be able to talk with the developers from a game that I’ve been playing for the last ~18 years.

I do feel that there can be ways to improve the chat, and I’ll try my best to explain. The Live Chat kind of feels like a Q&A session with the developers, which is awesome but it can go in all kind of directions which sometimes can make it hard to follow, as person A would like to ask a question and discuss, person B would like to ask another question and person C would like to follow up on the answers given from person A their question.

Now, it’s honestly great to have a question and it’s actually being answered directly by the developers, but in my opinion it creates a more interview style environment rather than an actual conversation about subjects both the players and the developers are passionate about.

I think both sides, and especially the developers gain a lot from asking during the Live Chat like, “What do you all think of Dream Surges or this new awesome feature we’ve put in” or “What is your opinion on the raid” and create a conversation from there.

Often the answers that are being given during the Live Chat, could easily be written down in an AMA style.

I’d like to know all of your opinion and experience with the Live Chat, I think a lot can be gained from it :).


I think this means that the topics are very limited and some topics that developers don’t have on their radar are pushed aside. Which would be a shame, since sometimes this can lead to new impulses going forward.

I can only speak from my experience in project management, but when someone gives their opinion on something that may not be on your radar for your project (in this case, WoW), it is a good catalyst for developing new ideas.

While I agree, having a bit more structure to the discussion could be beneficial, I doubt it’s good to have it so strictly scripted.

Knowing what others want to talk about

I think often the issue is that we all come from very different groups of players in the council, which may lead to different weights in the importance of a topic. This also creates very different approaches and questions.

If we knew beforehand the questions others may ask, the conversation structure could be a lot more streamlined (f.e. Community Manager knows A, B and C also have a question to a certain topic he then can ask if someone of those has a follow-up). This way, everyone is on the same boat.


I can definitely agree, but I personally don’t like the interview style of the talks, it makes it impersonal and stale, but maybe thats the goal.