Community Chat Channel Not Appearing

One moment I can type in /4 to speak in community chat with regular chat box, next moment I log on and none of it appears. I have to actually open community interface to talk. I’ve tried going into settings, relogging, updating addons, the whole shebang. What’s going on.

I had to leave community (as owner) and rejoin for it to fix… This is broken and I just saw old threads about it. Why isn’t this fixed?


I’m in much the same position. With some of my characters, it works flawlessly, but others it just doesn’t. Heck, I’m using the desktop app just to figure out that sometimes you can go to settings and select the checkbox under “channels”, but with other characters I can be in the community (visible under the guilds and communities window) but it won’t come up in the chat channels as even being there.
Worse, I can SEE the community chat from the guild and communities window, use it there, use it from the app, but CANNOT see it in the chat channels and seem unable to join or use a link since I’m already a member.


I second all of this. It is unfortunately still a problem and I have had nothing but trouble with my new community. Any configuration of the chat window for it has been utterly in vain. I have given up on the separate tab entirely at the moment. This needs to be fixed as soon as possible!

Same problem here. I tried even going so far as deleting my chat-cache.txt file, logging in, using the Community tab to “add to channel”, had it added to every single tab, and then logged out and back in, still nothing.

Edit: I found that this bug happens to me upon initial login of a character. However, if I immediately reload the UI, this fixes the problem. So weird.


Yes it is happening to me as well. A reload UI after logging in will fix it. It seems like the game isn’t sending the community chat events to the chatframe at all


So it seems like there is a point in time before which you cannot join a community chat channel.

What happens is that the game tries to register all the chat frame’s channels before that point occurs. There’s no error or anything - you are just joined to some kind of zombie channel that doesn’t work. If you make the chatframe re-register its channels a bit later everything is fine. I am wondering if there is an event that indicates you can register community channels.