Common misconceptions of GDKPer's

In dungeons, for gold, it has been. Also way to continually attribute incorrect statements to me, bad faith is the only way you can discuss something it seems

Fair, shady sites are good to avoid. Glad I have protections against that. Which means you also have zero counter to my claim.

I said they are correlated. You, again, are making things up and attributing them to me. Bad faith.

This is in no way what I said, in fact I have mentioned that other games do have these same issues and that there is no cure-all for RMT or botting. Only steps towards remediation. Again, you’re making up things I didn’t say.

You are and have been. Would help to read my posts from the mindset that I am not a mouth breathing anti-GDKP’er.

I think the choice was a step in the right direction, I do not believe there is a one step solution.

They have, and I accept the apology. It was not my intent to display vitriol, I was reacting in kind to your words.

Why I think this is not done flat out is due in part to the people who participate in GDKP who do not buy gold being done over by one or two people who tainted the payout. Those people who unknowingly receive the gold (and blizz can tell) shouldn’t catch account bans unless it’s shown to be a consistent practice.

I will also bring up that banning bots ad nauseum still wont kill botting and RMT, that’s an entire business model and economy for some areas apparently and their overhead is probably low enough to keep pumping out account after account or more commonly stealing active accounts.

Entire industry versus a detection program and, now even fewer, people to analyze that data in a timely manner. They’re outgunned if not out numbered, as are other MMO’s.

This was ruined by greed and bad actors.

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Not really the correlation you are looking for.

GDKPs don’t create gold they only pass it around.

The extra gold in the economy you are noticing is mostly from bots. How that gold gets distributed and the role GDKPs play in there is something to discuss, but kinda unrelated to the total amount of possible gold.

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Again, you’re only proving my point. If you take pride in being a bully, enjoy the existence it brings.

Crazy that all the level 70 deathknights are getting 600g pots. Is that a lot at level 70?


I’m enjoying my existence. You’re the one claiming that your human rights are being violated over a change to a loot system you claim not to use


Did you see this yet? :tipping_hand_man:


AH prices were decent clear up to Naxx release. Gold still felt valuable. Botting started to get a bit crazy between ZG release and AQ40 though and we saw some ups and downs. Black Lotus was originally going for 80-100g each and by the time I stopped, they were like 150-200g each on my server.

The solution was no master loot or personal loot, but everybody whined about it and, you know, #nochanges.

Yes like dungeons in wotlk.

Yes, I enjoy a badge system a lot.

However you will get people who shout that they’ll have no reason once they have all the badges they need.

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Yeah that’s true, I think that’s why it could be nice for there to be vendors for BoP consumables or even profession mats, but BoP so it doesn’t affect gold economy.

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I’m not meaning to argue in bad faith here. I don’t understand how that could be a larger avenue for trading gold than the AH. This may be due to not seeing a lot of GDKP ads on my server, and not experiencing late-game Classic. To my experience, the AH sees tremendously higher throughput of gold, and to my reasoning, higher throughput would mean higher volumes of RMT gold.

This is true. I tried using the waybackmachine for a couple of sites, but nothing came up. Given that you’re putting so much effort into posting, though, I’ll take you at your word. Can you tell me just what the price drop was?

The reason I was snarky in reaction to this links back to not seeing how the AH wouldn’t be a bigger correlation than GDKPs. To me, it seems that GDKPs would be a drop in the bucket, relatively speaking.

Gotcha. In that case, once again, my mistake. What I have a hard time is the notion that Blizzard is powerless against botters and RMT. Thor’s video describing how bots were banned en-masse was a simple an elegant solution, but one that requires paid staff to do; dropping a rock in the middle of a bot path and banning everyone that got stuck. Given Blizzard can clearly detect bought gold, it seems a simple matter of banning gold buyers. I think Blizzard has plenty of cures for botting and RMT that they refuse to utilize in favor of automated tools which results in the cat-and-mouse that could easily be solved by a few employees.

100% fair.

Expanding on the previous, I would have preferred to see Blizzard opting instead to hire employees, which I believe would do more to solve the issues. However, SoD is for experimentation, so sure - let’s have the experiment and find out.

I clearly need to take a break for the forums, then, and take more care in the tone my text imparts. That’s on me.

I agree, and should have worded that more carefully. I meant those who are caught purchasing gold, rather than an autoban on anyone who’s received it. Though to my knowledge, what you described is how they’ve done it; regular receipt of illicit gold was what would trigger a suspension for people doing GDKPs.

I can’t help but wonder if my anxiety toward this whole debate is fueled by seeing this time and time again.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
What did he mean by that?

Ah well, I’m probably asking the wrong people. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


No, I made no such claim. I said the social phenomenon moved in similar ways.

It’s hard to take you seriously when you get the amount of gold in circulation off by an order of magnitude.

There’s millions of gold active in classic sod.

I think the badge system was one of the best ideas Blizzard introduced, and the introduction of it for SoD would invalidate the entire appeal of GDKPs for me to begin with.

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It depends on the item. Consumables are basically tied to the bot activity, more bots = lower consume prices (except consumes that bots don’t farm).

The thing is that in higher raids, raiding becomes really expensive if you are doing it at top tier and using consumes on cooldown - on Era it can cost a warriors over 1-2k an hour to be raiding with rage pots, lips, flaks, sharpening stones, goose, etc.

The same will eventually occur for SoD - so players that want to play at the top level will be incentivized to buy gold to be able to preform. Farming that kind of gold on a weekly basis just to go to a raid to ‘potentially’ win items is just not realistic for most players.

Even running naxx will cost at least a few hundred to a thousand gold in consumes + gold for FR set - for all players during progression. For many average players farming more than the epic mount just to try a raid isn’t feasible so they are also incentivized to buy gold.

At the moment it isn’t super noticeable since the raids are way undertuned and low level consumes are much cheaper.

That’s why many like GDKPs since, at the very least, they paid for the consumes that were used during the run.

The traditional Blizz explanation for not perma-banning gold buyers was that it crsated more problems than it solved. They found that perma-bans lead to the guilty parties purchasing max level, BiS geared toons from RMT websites. Apparently, these accounts were stolen by the RMT sites from legitimate players, or, leveled on accounts which were paid for using stolen credit cards, which resulted in chargebacks from the credit card companies in addition to the credit card companies threatening Blizzard’s abilities to use their payment platforms.

The claim was made that substantial, but not permanent bans actually led to the players who had purchased botted/stolen gold to mend their ways and act appropriately.

Whether-or-not Blizz’s explanation was wholely true, I do believe there was method to their madness.

(I tried to find the blue post in question, but my Google Fu is weak today.


I can’t help but wonder if I’d also be rallying against GDKPs if I stuck around for late-game Classic, given the amount of posts like this. I’ve never seen it rise to the point of disruption or displacement. Could you elaborate further? A general timeline, even a vague one, would help contextualize it for me.

This adds a lot of context and I appreciate it. My raiding experience in Classic was much more laid back or casual in comparison and seemed to be consistent with my server. When you say at a high level, are you referring to content like Naxx, or pushing parses?

Either way, the anxiety about GDKPs eventually becoming a monster problem now makes more sense to me, so thank you.

Thank you, this is a good post and explains a lot. It never occurred to me that banning gold buyers would just incentivize them to do far worse.

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