Coming to classic

so i’ve been wanting to come back to wow for some time and i know its not he same but i had the most fun in vanilla / classic wow as its called now. so im out looking for active alliance server to call home and do some raiding on im hoping to make a prot / fury warrior but im open to any class really atm.

so i just wanted to hear about what you guys thought of grobb and i look forward to seeing you in game

Are you going to try Rping at all? If not there are better severs for you that need Alliance players. Here all your adding is more fraction imbalance.

Well now that you mention it I might try my hand at it never done it before

Well welcome to Grobb gang! Its the best server there is! My suggestion is to join the Grobb discord, the world buff discord, and of course the Alliance side rp discord.

Grobb Discord
— —
World buff Discord
— —
Rp Discord
Send me a in game mail or ask someone in /rp

What’s your backstory bro?

rp wise it seems pretty active thats good, how is the raiding scene on the server? id like to get into that as well… maybe some wpvp and take it to the horde.

I’m not exactly the best person to ask that, but I think we have a vibrate raiding scene. I see people raid logging for world buffs all the time. There is a friendly raid acheesement race between Goof Troop and Adventure Time. As wpvp it’s never going to be like phase 2 but there is groups of people going out there to make a bad day for the horde.

The server is pretty active in all areas, so you came to the right place.

Grobb is a great server. It’s very well balanced unlike a lot of servers. If you decide to go horde we have a lot of fun, but even if you go alliance, I think you’ll be happy here.

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I just rerolled Horde and it’s so alive here :beer::beer::beer:


I rerolled horde here several months ago too and I finally got to 60! It has been a great, active community and the troll RP is fun! Not sure why I didn’t try horde sooner…


don’t come back as alliance… all the transfers have severely and negatively impacted server balance

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This is true, I’ve been asking for ppl to roll horde since day one because I feared being on the dominant faction. Grob started out horde favored, probably 57-43. Now it’s probably 60-40 in favor of alliance.

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