Coming back from a pretty long break

Not really sure what direction to go, but I dont have the time I used to have. Basically, I ran around as 4 different mains before but im going to just pick one from now on.

As of right now, ill relearn tank and dps is easy peasy… should I go DH, Rogue, or War??? Im assuming DH and Rogue are broken as dps as usual, but is warrior still good? Last I remember Arms was up there. also, is DH tank still awful?

DH havoc/veng are both above average right now. Rogue is pretty solid as well. Warrior is on the lower end for both prot and arms/fury. If I were you, I would go DH or rogue. Rogue is probably more populated at the time being from my experience.

is veng good? I heard a month or two ago it was in a bad spot. im happy to hear its good

To answer your questions. DH tank is horrible for raid tank progression, but good for M+. Nothing changed there. DH, rogue, and warrior are all still good dps classes.

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We do meta achieves when they are current.
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We are looking for dps tank os is a bonus. Sick Society is rebuilding. We need every class/spec. Our new raid times will be Sun/Mon 9pm-12pm est. Sick Society has been raiding on Area 52 since cata and we have achieved AOTC every raid tier except Uldir. If you have a large group or would be interested in helping rebuild an old guild please message me @ Barbiedoll#11882