Come raid with us!

To celebrate yesterday’s realm connection, < Huntress > will be hosting a RP friendly Normal Nyalotha raid at 7pm Server time (8pm ET, 5pm PT). Come meet new friends from our new connected realms, Ravenholdt and Twisting Nether!

We will also announce it in trade chat and start invites at the specified time.

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15 adventurers from six guilds - Huntress, The Honorborn, Trials of Honor, The Lightbringers, Night Vanguard, and The Indelibles - ventured into Ny’alotha to defeat the minions of N’Zoth. The vision of Wrathion, Maut, and Skitra were defeated with little incident.

A smaller group continued to the Hivemind, were repulsed on the first attempt, and then defeated the two massive insects on the second attempt. They then defeated the two heads of Shad’har, but having lost many wounded lying on the field, elected not to continue.

We all had fun and many got loot. Again, welcome to all our new friends!

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