Collectors edition


I want to buy the collectors edition, the problem is, I live in America but my account is in EU. Will the key provided in the box work with my account???


I would assume so. I mean, you have been adding a key for each expansion so this one shouldn’t be any different.

Physical games are usually region-locked and based on Support articles not something that would be transferrable:

So I would assume that the physical version would work the same way. If your wow goes to the EU region but you buy the US Collector’s Edition from the Gear Store then you would get a US key that is not applicable to the EU Region.

You may need to order from the EU Gear store to get an EU Region key, but that may cost more for shipping.

It would probably be best to put in a ticket, though, to see if they have a policy in place that isn’t listed on the website for this sort of thing.

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I will open a ticket, thank you.

This is my assumption too. The only difference between the the CE and the digital high end version is the physical stuff. Looking at the EU and US gear sites, they don’t say anything about which Region key is in the box.

So, the OP may have to buy the CE game for the physical goodies, but then buy a separate copy of the EU key :frowning:


Unfortunately you’ll have to buy it on the EU website

Can you still purchase expansion boxes anymore? Thought that went away in WoD?

Yes collector’s editions only, they are nice but expensive.

I have the same problem, but vice versa. Maybe we can change keys.