[Collections] Remove transmog acquisition restrictions

During Dragonflight, we’ve seen efforts from Blizzard on getting more transmogs into the hands of players. We’ve seen transmog roll being added on the “new” loot system, we’ve gotten gray and white transmog and we’ve seen them add easier ways to get tier transmog via the Creation Catalyst.

However, one of the largest hurdles left is transmog acquisition restrictions meaning for example that if I, on my monk, can’t learn the Tusks of Mannoroth should they drop for me while I do SOO. I feel that, from the point of view of a “normal” transmog collector, vendoring a soulbound item, regardless if it’s cloth, leather, mail or plate (or any weapon for that part) should unlock said item for transmog on my account. Below are two of the main pain points for me having this opinion.

The first one is seeing things you are farming being dropped on characters that can’t equip them. My monk, on the many runs of Black Temple it has done, has only been blessed with the off-hand warglaives. However, it has never seen the main-hand. I have however had the main-hand dropped on characters that can’t unlock the transmog. It feels really bad because I am farming for it, I get the drop but on the wrong character so now it’s just vendor gold.

The other one is doing content where you’ve gotten all transmog pieces but you’re running it for other reasons (be that mounts, pets, toys, or legendaries). As an example, I’ve probably unlocked all plate and leather transmog in Molten Core trying to get Eye of Sulfuras and the other Binding of the Windseeker (for Thunderfury). I don’t want to run this raid on a cloth or mail wearer as I’m already doing it on my monk and warrior but the cloth and mail transmog (and all weapons I can’t equip) is also simply vendor gold.

The requested change would “up the playing field” for everyone, regardless if you’re just starting out in the game or if you’re a dedicated transmog collector. We all benefit from having transmog acquisition restrictions removed.


Anything labeled as legacy definitely should have the item restriction removed.

Side comment, the Transmog loot roll is useless as it doesn’t supercede Need, it shouldn’t, nor does it supercede Greed. Just a useless addition. Unless I’m understanding things incorrectly.


Jumping off of this, I would really love to see Class Looting restrictions lifted, especially from old open world items like this Dagger that can only drop for a specific spec of Rogue. Despite other classes being able to use daggers, this item will not drop for anyone but that specific class. It makes transmog collection aggravating for classes who can freely transmog that item without issue (once they get it to drop on that specific class).


Last I read (when it was introduced), it was a bluepost saying transmog is higher than greed on rolls (see https://www.wowhead.com/news/new-transmog-loot-option-coming-in-patch-10-1-332327, bluepost seems to have been removed/hidden). But if that’s the case, then yes, it serves no purpose.

Going to post off this with the top line as guide.

We need restrictions for old content loot lifted for unlocking for our collections, indeed! They can make it some Legacy feature thing.

On the mark of that, would love some sort of marker of when raid tiers goes Legacy, since we still don’t know about SL tiers.

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Well, in LFR, transmog is ranked higher than green as well, which is a great idea, honestly.