[Collection] Quest API

So, if you aren’t aware, many of the most helpful tools for collectors run on WoW’s web API
(wowhead profiler, dataforazeroth to name a couple)

For quests there is an API for retrieving a list of all quests completed by a specified character, however it appears to have a limiting factor.
If a quest does not show up in the game data API for quest information, it also does not return as a completed ID in the list of quests completed by a character, which has been a major problem for collecting tools. as around 50% of quests are not showing up

As of now there is 3 major groups of quests that are not showing up in the API:
-World Quests/Bonus Objectives (I believe this one is a confirmed bug but mentioning it just to be safe)
-Obsolete Quests (This means quests that have been disabled from showing up, example is quests from before the shattering)
-Tracker Quests (these are quests that are never in your quest log but are used to track certain things in game, such a using a specific transmog ensemble, killed a specific rare mob during the current daily lockout, looted a treasure, threads of fate is active etc)

We are fairly sure that tracking quests and Obsolete quests are intentionally being excluded from the API, and reverting this change would be a big win for collectors, as well as other players

Some examples of things that could be made if these were included in the API:
-Find which character started the scepter of the shifting sands questline years ago
-filter a list of which characters have and have not killed a world boss that week yet
-filter a list of which rares have already been looted that day
-hide already completed world quests on a map of WQ’s
-Ability to hide already looted treasures from a list of treasures
-ability to track collection of ensembles
-ability to track collection of drake manuscripts
-ability to track collection of garrison music scrolls
-ability to tell if a character is a threads of fate character
-tell if a character has completed specific special mission table missions
-Tillers farm progress and farmhand status

And many many many more,
Note: if you are worried this would be spoilers, many tracking quests are just named tracking quest, so players have to figure out where they come from, and others tend to be things like the name of the rare mob it tracks kill status of, which really doesnt give away anything.

There really isnt much downside I can think of to removing these artificial limits, as far as I can tell the only reason they are excluded is just decluttering and not showing what people wouldnt find useful,
So this is us letting you know we would very much like to see that change! :smiley: