Cobalt Assembly Nerf


/75 char

Yeah, those juiced up booster DHs flying around at lighting speed one-shotting every pack were really making it a nightmare to get anything done there.


Destro lock was much better. Shadowburn instant killing everything was ezpzy.

Tell me you don’t know how tagging and loot works in the cobalt assembly without telling me.

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It’s soo easy to level Alts on timewalking weeks. The only difference is you can’t afk and watch Netflix.

I guess i dont know how it works my bad homie

But since this is what they were targeting, then yes the DHs with the 900% mastery 600% crit chance that I was talking about are the ones getting hit. They’re selling boosts and their party members sit on a statue and it makes it impossible for anyone not in their party to get xp or rep.

Your snark was unwarranted

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Tell me you don’t know how tagging and loot works in the cobalt assembly without telling me.

Edit: wait, I read the quote chain I just requoted… and it doesn’t make sense. The guy you sassed was functionally agreeing with you. Did you misunderstand and assume he was being sarcastic?


They probably didn’t want you to level and earn rep at the same time, even though we already do that questing for the other reps. There were also people that were actually complaining and asking them to nerf it… I hadn’t tried it yet but was planning to on some alts bc I’m already bored of the zones.

Timewalking is the bomb for leveling. Easy dungeons, 40% more EXP for completion, high gear drops, reputation from tabards.

If you’re not timewalking, you’re doing it wrong.

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no it was because of boosting situation.

i was making 800k golds/hour solo

people were printing golds with this spot

you could litteraly buy all the activision blizzard shop with wow boosting

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Ah yea that too. I know people have issues with boosting but if a player wants to offer a service and another player wants to pay for that service then at that point it’s just teamwork.

Once you have a single level 70, you should be able to do a proving ground for whatever class and if you can get gold you instantly get max level.

Leveling is garbage content that very few actually care about.

I rather boosts be sold via plauers then via blizzard…

I levelled several alts there by simply following a group around and tagging whatever I could, helping as much as I was able to.

The only time that was problematical was when one or two microscopic size folks were zooming around murdering things so fast I couldn’t get a tag in at all.

Sad to see it go, but I guess I will go back to questing.

The only issue I saw at the assembly (aside from too low toons) was some classes smoking whole groups in a second while solo.

Also them saying it was only meant to be a L70 thing but clicking the powers while lower then 68 gave a message saying you can’t use that unless 68+, you know it was ok for lower levels to be there. Just not so low.

the ol’ “why did they fix the exploit” post. gets me every time!

Imagine caring about Cobalt Assembly as content.


I think AFk power leveling is not fitting well with what makes WoW great but at least it made that content relevant to people who play “real WoW”.


The problem isn’t the nerf the problem is how crappy Blizzard is. They knew this was an issue before the 10.0.5 went live and instead of being fully transparent and listing it in the patch they wait until after the patch and do it as a last minute hotfix. This kind of crap is why they can’t keep their subs up. Be transparent and let people know ahead of time. Once you’ve played through the “fun and engaging” content once or twice it gets old. World quests aren’t anymore fun or engaging than mindlessly tagging mobs at Cobalt Assembly. Do better Blizz

Oh please people would have been complaining the same even if it was in the patch. People just mad they can’t afk and watch Netflix while they get boosted or are printing gold half afking with their demon hunter

To be clear you CAN still go to primalist future and chain pull mobs into the resistance fighters for 2 hour 60-70 leveling while watching Netflix right?

I’d hate for the TRAGEDY of trivialized leveling to continue…