Club for people that used Creation Catalyst on non-tier gear

You want to be able to make a series of smugly superior posts telling us how far above the low information players who made this mistake you are, but you don’t want to consider that it’s working as intended to buff your ego. Yet you and others keep making these posts trashing people who made that mistake to demonstrate your superiority.

Both of these - the mistakes and your response - were guaranteed to be a result of lumping together tier and non-tier creation in a complex system like this. So, working as intended. Your response was anticipated, as you have been programmed for years to have just this sort of response to players making silly unrecoverable mistakes.

What’s weirder is that returning players would be more likely to know that tier bonuses have never been on belts, wrists or boots… because the last time they played tier was probably in the game. Current players are more likely to forget this having been through 1 3/4 expacs without tier.

As for new players… mmos are generally more complex than jump and run. If you decide to just play how you want… (totally legitimate, there are no rules on fun)… I’m not sure why tier bonuses would concern you all that much.

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Nope. Just to tell y’all that you’re being ridiculous in saying that your mistake is somehow blizzard’s fault.

Jesus, alright. That’s a normal thing to say :roll_eyes:

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Nothing I said was either. You’re attempts are poor. If you’re angry at the game, then be angry at the game. Don’t twist this around to start some weird witch-hunt.

Where did I say it didn’t change the appearance? I specifically said it turns it into the corresponding raid piece. Which is the outfit piece. This is so that people can finish the entire outfit. As I said, TO REFORGE STATS or to use as transmog. It’s both.

There are a lot of people who already have their set bonuses. The catalyst was never meant for just 4 pieces and never be used again. It’s why the cooldown shortens over time. This gives people the ability to make the entire outfit.

Raiders and PvPers may not like the stats on a current piece but the set piece from the raid may have better stats. They can now get those raid stats n

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It’s so weird to me the amount of coping and excuses. They have a problem with it because they can’t read what’s in game even though it’s presented extremely clearly. If Blizzard didn’t show the item you’re getting, sure but now… ?

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There’s an official post pinned to the top of this forum from 4 days a go explaining how this works. You obviously know where the forums are.

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It’s a system that makes tier gear, that’s all a lot of people know about this. So that’s what they think it will do. That there is also gear that’s just there to complete the look isn’t clear.

And unless someone looks at both gear that gets tier set bonuses and then gear that doesn’t they wont know that’s how you’re supposed to tell the difference between tier gear and mogs to complete the look.

So, someone hears in guild chat that the creation catalyst system will be active and it makes tier gear. They only have one eligible piece and it’s not one that gives bonuses. But all they know from the game is go to the machine that makes tier gear and it will take gear and turn it into tier gear.

They don’t know that some gear doesn’t give bonuses, and they don’t know that how you tell difference is the results will be displayed in the interface.

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A problem exists. Problems need solutions. There’s no reason at all to deny a problem exists because if it didn’t, you wouldn’t even have this thread to begin with.

I don’t understand this logic. Both groups of people have been without tier for the same amount of time and if one group can forget, so can the other.

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I’m not angry. I have 4p since 2 or 3 weeks ago. I made a mistake today trying to make my pvp gear become tier, yes, but I couldn’t care less. If you didn’t notice, the thread’s title has a comical tone and one of my first replies was agreeing with the dude that said that the blame is on players.

But no, you won’t notice it. You will only notice things related to you. :slight_smile: We know why.

If it doesn’t show a set bonus, you dont get a set bonus. I’m not sure what’s left to say.

I really think they should have only had head/should/chest/hands/pants consume the charge (and the other slots only consume flux). It would have been nice to sidegrade my belt to different stats in addition to crafting a tier item. It wouldn’t have been broken or abusable - and it would have safeguarded against people who press the button first then ask questions later…


I was suggesting that if the last time you played, tier was integral to the game, your memories of this system are probably not diluted by several years of playing without it.

I really don’t know how Blizzard could have made it any clearer. Did we need a warning across our screen in red letters? Should the game have forced you to type out: “Yes, I understand this piece will not have the set bonus on it”? Should there been a ToS to sign after every catalytic conversion?


But they would be diluted by other things in life. My memories don’t work the way yours do I guess. :man_shrugging:

There’s valid problems and then there’s this. Sorry not sorry.

Who are you to decide?

Just me and common sense. Pretty much it.

Apparently so. If we didn’t, there wouldn’t be so many complaints.

No kidding and now I think any posts Blues make on features in game that are more then 3 words needs to have a tdlr that is all emojis because it looks like words are hard for some people .


I think you forgot about something called “responsibility”