Club for people that used Creation Catalyst on non-tier gear

Doesn’t it show the bonuses (or in the case of wrists, lack thereof), despite the name?

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And that rules out that the other pieces should do so and weren’t because of a possible bug…how?


“Oh hey, it’s got no set bonuses listed. Does that mean there aren’t any, or that it’s not properly handling off-set piece set bonus displaying?”

I am aware of the blue post regarding off-set items afterwards. But just looking at the device I had no idea if the mechanics/display were bugged or working as intended. That’s the entire issue, and I won’t blame people for being potentially confused about things.

It’s not like tooltips are ever bugged or anything.


No but this person didn’t have any item to compare it to. Like it doesn’t matter how flashy the “right” upgrade looks. It could fill your screen with a dancing murloc celebration - but if you don’t have a comparative item - that will never help you. In thier mind “it’s part of the Godstalker set”

You should. No tier bonus on tooltip means no tier bonus, very hard to understand.


Because it’s not a bug when everything in game and out of game says otherwise.

THe Update is from last week friday to be exact .

It even says in the blue post that only Head , shoulders , chest , hands and legs go towards the set bonuses . You have to learn how to read beyond 1 paragraph (the top one)

At a base level, how it works is you input a piece of Season 3 gear and a corresponding tier set piece will be made with a matching item level. The useable items can be Season 3 gear from raids, Mythic+, PvP, World Boss Antros, or items purchased with Sandworn Relics from Rafiq in Pilgrim’s Grace, Zereth Mortis. The applicable slots are helms, shoulders, cloaks, chests, bracers, gloves, belts, legs, and boots.. Note that the 2-piece and 4-piece set bonuses will only be on the helms, shoulders, chests, gloves, and legs.

Honestly i can just imagine the average player who doesn’t read online, they won’t even know the creation catalyst exists. I’ll be in mythic+ groups with people asking how to get tier sets. Blizzard needs to tell people

But how do you know that it’s not bugged and you do get a tier bonus?

facepalm I’m not even gonna bother.

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You never know if something is or isn’t bugged unless Blizz says it is or isn’t bugged :man_shrugging:

Which yet again, doesn’t rule out a buggy display. How hard is that to understand?

Without out of game knowledge it could very well have been a bug. Because if it were a bug in game it would look exactly like it does.

Which is the entirety of my point. People shouldn’t need a blue post stating it’s for appearances only.

I don’t know how anyone could possibly be mad at blizzard for this when they told you exactly how it works, and the catalyst shows you what the item turns into.


I wonder how many intentionally put a n item in that would not give a bonus or have not even put an item in just so they could come to GD to make a rage post just because .


We could call it Club Penguin!

No. It couldn’t. The loot table specifically shows you which pieces have set bonuses.

They don’t. The game already tells them from the raid loot table.

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why would they start now - that entire area was a mystery to even find content… I hope they enjoy seeing people quit because of no content because they hide it.

Well… now we’re using “it could be a bug!” as an excuse. So… :woman_shrugging:t4:

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Imagine talking in “if” Oh what if it was bugged?. It’s not bugged and people did a mistake. Stop trying to find excuses.


Orc peon voice- whut

I believe the stats still change to match the tier set on those, so it’s not just for appearance.