Cloth Item Transmog - Tuxedo

I am extremely happy with the new changes for white and grey items, however I think that some of the old “cloth” items should be changed to either be transmogable by other armour types, or made “cosmetic” instead of “Cloth” (because i’d love for my Warriors and Paladins to have a Tux transmog, and my wife to have the dress transmog).


  • Tuxedo
  • Monocle (drop from BRD)
  • Dresses

I agree! I just made a post about this actually.

[Over here!]

A lot of us have been waiting all season for this; and I don’t want to walk away from this Big-Win for Blizzard, thinking that Clothies were the only ones really benefitting from this part of the patch.

Please Blizz! Hope you see and consider this!


Well if it helps apparently the Tuxedo coat is transmoggable as are the Dress shoes but the effin pants are holiday locked. lol


I also use many of the white items for roleplay and was hoping that some, mostly the holiday gear would just become transmogs you could use all year round. I was so pissed to see the holiday lock on many of the items I use daily all year round.

I always hated the holiday restrictions as they make no sense and that WoW is literally the only game that does this.

I also hate the armor type restrictions for Transmog in WoW as well. If I wanted to be a warrior in cloth I should be able to, as with a priest wearing Plate Transmog. All transmogs should be able to be used on all armor types as they are just cosmetic after all. Not to mention there are already some items that are cosmetic only that we can use for all armor types, so we know this can already be done.

Imagine the thousand’s of combinations we could do with no armor class restrictions for Transmogs, almost sounds infinite to me.

This would be a huge win for WoW if they would remove all restrictions from the transmog system.