Closing the auction house?

Really? How much worse can you make yourselves look with TBCC on the horizon you close the auction house for 4 days prior to pre patch?
Whos @$"%#$# idea was this. Never mind the extortion for the character services, or the joke of a deluxe edition. When this launch fails because all you care about is 0leasing your share holders don’t come crawling back here saying sorry we didn’t know when you did.

lol wtf? didn’t even hear about this. That’s the dumbest thing iv’e heard in a while if true lmao

Instead of giving wowhead clicks try here.


I was wondering how this would work. Makes a lot of sense to me. I’m glad they thought about this!


Same. That sounds like the perfect amount of time to let the que empty out and all items get mailed back. Would def be easier to snapshot all those tables without added AH views needed.

I mean, if you had an item up on the AH and then got the clone you would have duped that item.

Buckled up and ready for the drama though.


you do understand the auction house will open again on Tuesday don’t you?

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Wow. 4 days. I saw that they were shutting it down to clone it for TBCC but just assumed it would be for half a day at most.

4 days … it just keeps getting worse.

You’d probably leave dishes in the cupboard, sink and on the table for the contractors to clear when getting your kitchen redone.


Not sure if that was to me or OP.

I do understand that. By the time they come back up the snapshot will be made.

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It stops what could be an issue of gold dupping

You know, I’ve read that “no matter WHAT Blizzard does, some player(s) will complain about it”. This proves it.

Closing the AH before splitting the game? That’s a no-brainer! That’s obvious! Any game company in their right mind would do that!

The only alternative is splitting EVERY item on the AH…and mailing countless gold to players that will never exist. Why? Who benefits from that? That’s a lot of extra work, for zero benefit to ANY player.

But this player curses and swears and calls it “extortion” and “a joke” and rants on and on, as if it was something awful being done to him personally.


whats wrong with wowhead

That’s good. I better sell while I can lol. Gonna be spamming trade chat.

Sounds like some people need a WoW detox.

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Half a day? That was never going to happen. It needed to be closed at least 24 hours so every auction could expire and unsold items returned by mail.

That said, 4 days seems a tad excessive but, that could simply be how long the cloning process will take.