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They can’t dodge the suspensions that way.

Remember to put the additional accounts on ignore as well. That helps support your contention that you don’t want communication from them.


2012 was the last time that Blizz fired a number of GMs. Seems silly to think that 9 years later that still is playing a role in the handling of tickets. Especially since they’ve since hired a lot more GMs than those that were let go.

Staff have really never “monitored” this sort of thing. Not sure where you got that info from, but it would be incorrect.

Reading over this thread, you seem to be making a whole lot of assumptions. You don’t have access to the actual info that Blizz does. You don’t know which characters belong to the same person or not.

At the end of the day, if you think you found someone breaking the rules, right-click and report them and move on. You can only report your suspicions.


Have you reported this person and all of their alts as an on-going harassment case? Have you put them on ignore as they’ve whispered you? Have you responded to any of them at all in this past month?


Closing Out Thread

You keep referring to “monitoring”. Blizz doesn’t actively monitor those posts. They rely on reports from players instead.

Perhaps I missed the post on daily harassment. I’ve scanned over the posts again and I’m not too sure what you mean. Are you saying that you have them on ignore and they’re bypassing that? If so, do not reply and open a ticket instead for Ongoing Harassment. Just note that if you reply in any way, it’s considered a conversation and not harassment.

You should right-click and report them for spam instead if they’re spamming the chat. Then you don’t have to fill up your ignore with those.


Closing Out Thread

You shouldn’t waste your ignores on those, right click and report for spam. They are put on a temporary ignore list and they don’t last long.

Leave the multiboxing out of it, just confuses things.


Good. And if the harassment, in the form of bypassing your ignore, has continued, then a ticket for each event needs to be placed so that the offender receives the appropriate actions.


Blizzard cannot act if you don’t report each and every time they circumvent the ignore system to whisper you. It’s good you are reporting some of them, but to get the full breadth they need all of it. With as much that goes on, they cannot actively monitor things to catch them themselves for each and every person that plays this game, but they can work from the reports given to them by us.

It’s called on-going harassment for a reason. If they keep harassing you, keep filing tickets to keep an active record of things. If you only filed the one ticket and never follow up, they would presume the issue has been handled. Especially if you’re reporting every single potential RMT and all of that, there is nothing to connect your reports to your ticket, if that makes sense? Make note of time-stamps and character names and add them into tickets so the staff can see what’s tied to the actual harassment.


And feeding into what Leill said, go into interface -> social -> chat time stamps and set it to like 3:30 p.m. This way if you screenshot the whispers, they can see the calendar date in the upper righthand corner AND they can see the time stamp in chat so they can go back into the chat log. :slight_smile:

I box (all manual all in the tos etc for rp no command mirroring or software / hardware weirdo set ups) and what this person is doing from what it sounds is horrible! :frowning:

I’ve had an issue with something similar before with a harassment whisper, the person was ignored, then kept making toons / swapping accounts to whisper me.
Do what Leilleath said and record it all and report it. Put them all on ignore and DO NOT whisper / engage them… at all. Think of it like a puppy trying to jump up. If you put your back to the puppy and ignore it and pay no attention it will eventually quit jumping. (although who can’t resist a puppy… they are cute… sorry squirrel moment… PUPPIES). Blizz won’t also see it as further engagement with the player too and that you’re actively going out of your way to not communicate with them. They yell at you in trade chat? Ok let em yell do not say a word (I know easier said than done). You do you and you post your stuff and if they don’t like it then tough crap. Part of the AH and playing the AH. People reset prices you post yours lower ok you post yours lower it is what it is. I do the ah thing on my server (with just 1 toon) and see the ups and downs all the time.

The ones in trade ya do like Grimm said and just report em and they will be put on a temp ignore. Clear up your ignore list so anytime he starts up just slap it on ignore.

Edit: PUPPIES… that’s all I’m thinking about now. SORRY squirrel moment (hopefully now you’re thinking about puppies or kittens or another cute animal to cheer you up!)


I appreciate you offering the advice, but I want to point out that screenshots are never, ever taken into consideration when it comes to any kind of account investigation (though people submit them regardless.)

One could enable time stamps if they so wish, but to do so with the intent of providing “more proof” during a ticket or report simply isn’t necessary. You might personally use a timestamp to reference something in a ticket, but if you say, “such and such went down around 3pm yesterday,” then it’ll be easy for an employee to locate chat between you and the person you’re reporting. In any case, a right-click-report sends the timestamp to Blizz anyway.

The amount of information Blizzard has at their disposal would dizzy the average person. Not only do they have chat logs (of course including time and date), but they see the movements people make, down to the delay in milliseconds between actions… they see private whispers, they see all chat channels … they’re privy to all of a person’s wow licenses and accounts, all of their toons, on every server, and can research actions of said toons if need be.

It’s like at NASCAR, with the hundred different ways the car is monitored as it is racing … your snapshot of the car as it goes by provides no insight the racing team doesn’t already have.

Basically, a screenshot:

  • Isn’t providing any information Blizzard wouldn’t already have (in fact, it provides far less); and
  • Can be quite easily doctored* by anyone with rudimentary photo editing knowledge, thereby negating their value as “proof.”

*(And yes, rudimentary doctoring is detectible with rudimentary examination, but I doubt Blizz wants to put every one of the hundreds of screenshots they must receive daily under the microscope to make sure timestamps or words haven’t been changed.


That’s true and the time stamp thing they have all of it down etc but may make it easier for them to search back and like you said as a personal reference too. Honestly more of a personal reference if anything. Although, it does basically give them a point of reference to start with then search around there, but even then they have ways.

I always go with “better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.” BTW I always love your explanations and breakdowns they are super great :+1: :slight_smile:

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Yeah, that doesn’t really happen here on the CS forum. The only obviously missing post was the one you made while necro’ing the thread. Not just hidden, but removed. The only way that could happen is if a moderator deleted it (possible, given the inaccurate claims you made), or you deleted it yourself.

The CS forum isn’t a contact point for GMs. More to the point, the blues here don’t take action because someone posted on here. Their job isn’t to action someone because some random person said to. Probably best to read what the CS forum is for:

As a reminder, the Customer Support forum is not an alternative contact point for In-Game, Technical or Account Support. To request assistance, please contact our customer support staff directly through our Support Site

Closing Out Thread

Just to reiterate: Spotlight on: Harassment

There is not too much to add, save for this is not a contact point for customer service, more a information desk where players can help other players navigate the in game and website help menu.


Closing Out Thread

this comment sounds suspiciously like… trolling.

you’ve been informed of the policies.
if you need assistance, you’ll have to open a ticket.
nobody here can offer any more help beyond what they’ve already done.

i’m not sure why you’re being so snarky towards people who have been trying to help you.


The advise here, or if you chose to accept said advice has little to do with how your tickets are received or responded to by Game staff, they use a set of policies to answer each ticket.

Harassment reports, as noted in the sticky post, take time to build up, but that is why the sticky post goes over various things. Continued ignore, using the ticket system, etc. Especially the do not respond portion, otherwise it will appear to the in game staff that you are simply interacting in a conversation. Otherwise known as “Mutual Combat”.

The original issue with Multiboxing, AH use simply is a moot point. Multiboxing is allowed with limitations, but does not ultimately matter in this case.


Closing Out Thread