<Clique> [Faerlina][H] Recruiting! 6/6 Sunwell Plateau; LF SWP ready Holy Priest

[H] - Two 25 man raids at 6/6 SWP and clearing BT weekly

Raid times
Tuesday and Wednesday: 8:30pm - 12:30am EST
Primary focus on SWP, and getting BT clears regularily

About Us
Clique is a PvE focused guild aiming to clear all content in an efficient manner. We are organized and focused but we still know how to have a good time. We push the envelop and do everything possible as a team to make raids run smoothly and provide us with the best outcomes regarding the amount of content we clear. This requires mandatory consumes and the expectation that every individual is doing their best to optimize their character. Clique is operated by a very dedicated and skilled group of officers who have specific job titles and areas of focus to help the guild run smoothly. Ultimately we work as a collaborative unit to create a positive and rewarding experience for all of our raiders.

What we expect from you:

  • When it is time to raid you are punctual, you are in your best PvE spec, and have brought all class-appropriate consumables.
  • Honest and open communication; including plenty of notice regarding absences
  • Open to all feedback on your performance and open to setting aside time to discuss any changes
  • Finally, help us improve! If you see anything we could be doing better let us know and we can grow together.

What you can expect from us:

  • Honest and open communication regarding all topics
  • A team of leaders that stays ahead and is always looking to improve, acting selflessly whenever possible
  • A stable, non toxic environment that is fair and considerate of all of its members, striving to offer the best possible raiding experience every week

We are always looking for exceptional players to join our raid team, and we are open to most classes that want to be competitive. We are also looking ahead with excitement for WotLK! Currently we are high priority recruiting a SWP ready pumper Holy Priest for an immediate core spot. Other classes that are encouraged to reach out include: Warlock, weaving surv hunter, and Flex cat/OT druid! We are also always willing to recruit players who would prefer to fill a reserve/bench role and step in when needed. We recruit on a trial basis of 1 to 2 weeks to get a better understanding of your performance and personality. After the trial period, you make the transition to core raider. We are always accepting server transfers.

Specifically we are looking to add:
Class | Spec | Need

Mage | Arcane | Low
Lock | Destro/Aff | Medium
Priest | Holy | High
Rogue | Combat | Low
Druid | Cat/Resto |High
Shaman | Enhance/Resto| Medium
Hunter | Survival | High
Warrior | Prot/DPS | Low
Paladin | Holy | Low

Loot Council: Decisions based on performance, preparedness, attendance, level of upgrade (BiS vs sidegrade), raid impact, and previous loot history. Strategic and even spread of loot amongst the raid while trying to reward top performing players is our goal.

Our officers pick through warcraftlogs on a regular basis as it is an extremely effective tool when it comes to improving raid and personal performance, as well as an effective way to determine if raiders are not pulling their weight or using consumes when required. We always reach out to our raiders who may be under performing, and with constructive feedback we try to reach a solution to help move us closer to our goals.

Message us on discord: Bombardier#5676 or jump in game on the Faerlina server and reach out to any of the members in Clique!!

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Still looking for a solid Enhance shaman or Resto shaman! add me on discord to chat =)

Hey guys,

Just added ya on discord - looking forward to having a chat!

Lieutntdan#8459 - on discord

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5 stars would recommend.

Looking for a Bear tank / Flex that is SWP ready! and a mage =) Come check us out


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