Client Starting but going not responding on start up

So it happened with dragonflight earlier… it happened with Wraith and with classic for SOD now its happening with the PTR for DF… DF and wraith seemed to correct them selves but the PTR and classic will still go not responding from launch… its just a black screen with a spinner… if i click it will turn white and pop up a window saying program is not responding… how do i go about fixing this do i need to reinstall everything… ?.. I just had this for the first time Last week

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Mine is doing the exact same thing. I was attempting to play SoD and it was doing this then I reinstalled windows and now Retail and Classic are doing it.

I responded to the other thread, but we can’t help without system data, like your DxDiag. Please add it if you want help.

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Dxdiag on pastebin

Event Name: APPCRASH
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P1: GameManagerService3.exe

It looks like your peripheral drivers are crashing, which might be causing the problem. I also see you’re using an AMD card; those models have an issue with the Boost utility across most of the Blizz titles.

i don’t know what gamemangerservice3.exe is … ALSO i’ve had an AMD GPU for the last 3 years never had a problem… until a week ago… i also don’t have Radeon boost turned on

I mentioned what that application is.

You would need to reinstall it or work with Razer on troubleshooting that crash.

As for the AMD card, even without the Boost utility, owners of those models have been complaining about how the driver requires building the entire shader cache every time you launch the game. Unfortunately, that’s an issue AMD has to address since drivers are made for games and not the other way around. Switching to DirectX 11 might help.

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