[Classic][PvP] Season 4 Arena bracket point distribution

I would like to have a discussion on the topic of point distribution in season 4 of Classic PvP. (And what this could mean for future seasons comes WotLK)

First and foremost, I want to emphasize the following: This post is not asking for a reduction in point gained at any bracket, quite the opposite.

The arena points received was increased in Season 4 (This was a good change) but the change to the point calculation had a major impact on the value of each brackets compared to one another.

While, before, the difference between 2s, 3s and 5s was about 100 to 200 rating difference for the same amount of points (A 2s team with 1500 rating would gain approximately the same as a 1400 3s or 1300 5s), now it is… well, look at this chart:

A 3s team with 1500 rating receives more points than the #1 2s team.
A 5s team with ~1200 rating receives more points than the #1 2s team.

Here’s a graph of the original TBC point calculation and an attempted reverse engineering of our previous Classic point calculation:

If I may propose, would it be possible to increase the amount of points gained in 2s and 3s (Do not decrease the points gained on any bracket, only increase) to ensure the curves are closer to one another?

Something a little more like this perhaps:

Thank you,