Classic wow recruitment (Lightning's Blade OGs)


Have a facebook group of almost 500 people so far. Original lightning’s blade folks rerolling on the same server.

You can find us on facebook, Lightning’s Blade - Classic Wow, Lots of people from guilds such as , Evolution/Onslaught/Sigil/Immortal/Bara no senshi/Lost Chapter/Chronology/Loyalty/Maelstrom



tell me wich server you going to roll guys so I can start to write my gankink list.


Mia! feel free to add me thequadler#1125, we have almost 300 people now. most are alliance players. but we recently found The Fallen Legion guild members and gm and they joined looking for more horde.

I can only come back if Teep will be on the server. Then I can be the personal Stormwind bodyguard once again ^^;

I’m a bit late to the party! I would really like to get in touch with these folks from TFL :slight_smile: !

should be able to find us on facebook, Lightning’s Blade - Classic Wow

YO YO LB’ERS just hit up HEROD most of the people i spoke to that were OG vanilla are going there.

It will be packed, but of course we can all mingle once we land there

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Oopsie, hello

Calling Aedak, Irony, Glaum, Zurana, Cheese, Watermelon, Ming, Tanjii, Jookyaz, Kartwrite and all other known LB legends I missed out, stand by to dip into nostalgia [=

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Where’s Suds and Hamlet at. Good ole’ chaps

Any Entropy / Essence of Aggression / Arcanix folks (Horde) hitting this up?

Yall see me when yall see me.

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i hope the horde is rdy…its about to go down!!

Hamlet is working at blizzard now, using his math magic to save modern WoW.

Entropy is on Faerlina as Relapse

That’s interesting to know. Ahoy from long ago, I played Donnistar.