Classic WoW Plans for KJ OGs

Seeing if there’s any OGs from vanilla KJ looking forward to classic.

I unsubbed after being pretty bored\disappointed with the direction the game has gone, and think I’m done with retail for good, but was kinda intrigued with classic after chatting with a few old school players\friends.

Was just seeing if any other people were still around from vanilla, and if they planned on playing classic, maybe we can organize a server to reroll on.


mistakenly posted on wrong toon :frowning:

< GOON > where you at?
< Those Boat Camping jerks > where you at?

I’ll be recreating this guy and tinkering around with an Orc Enh Sham. Not much of a boat camper or anything, but I’m looking forward to experiencing Classic again.

keep an eye out, there’s some stuff kinda stewing. We’ll keep people posted when we get more info for anyone who is interested

Sturm!!1 Holy hell, what’s up