Classic wow Bartender makes game chunky

Hey, I pinpointed that the addon that’s making my wow Classic game super chunky, as in my frames are at a consistent like, 15 frames and it’s really annoying. I can install it and play for a couple hours then it starts getting chunky, then after I uninstall it, it stays chunky for up to an hour or so from what i’ve seen. Does anyone know how to fix this annoying issue?

Doesn’t make sense that the issue persists after uninstalling.

Run the game repair tool instead.

I’ve done that already
I’ve repaired it, uninstalled it, repaired it with the addons on, unistalled it while the addons are installed. I’m stumped like you are.

You’ve got a memory leak from the sound of things.

Assuming it is Bartender, you could just use Dominos instead.