Classic WoW and perception

I don’t understand this rush to 60, at all. Vanilla WoW was NEVER about the end game of Raiding for the vast majority of players, because the vast majority of players did not raid. All these comments about fast leveling and class viability for raids buys into the Retail mindset that the game only starts at cap level.

The best parts of WoW were the leveling and the journey of exploration; reaching new levels and updating your skills, talents and spells; leveling your professions and learning about higher level materials and making gear; reaching new zones and gaining new quests. The world was exciting, but dangerous. All of the dungeons were memorable, some moreso than others. Quests like the low level escort quest and surviving Moonbrook was just as satisfying as anything endgame.

It was the entire world, not just the things you did in endgame that made WoW Vanilla the legendary game is was. Not nearly enough time is spent on that as it is discussing min/maxing and class viability for raids. Let’s not take that “The game doesn’t start til cap” mentality into Classic.

I didn’t hit 60 for at least 6-8 months. I will probably do the same in Classic. The game will still be there and i plan to enjoy it as much as possible.

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Let them fantasize about how fast it’s going to take, when they realize their hopes and dreams are lost that it’s going to take a month or two to get 60 they will go back to live.

I know there are activities now to form a team to try and steam roll through and some might actually succeed some what but the majority are going to have a huge rude awaking.

I did rush to 60 and I do admit it was fun at the first few levels but at the point at the last levels to 60, feeling burnout and once I got to 60, I was relieved and I just do dungeons and just start raiding when I have the pre-raid bis but when I started doing PvE content, felt bored when doing it considering everything is a tank and spank and managing your threat. relatively easy… until Naxx 40 but than it would get cleared in a few hours of launch due to everything being on the internet now.

While Classic was fun for its time and it being now re-released to the public… I just find it easy, considering you have numerous sources of how to git gud in classic, either raiding or PvP compared to its time where there is little knowledge and internet being limited.