Classic Windrunner

Hey guys, figured I would pop in and see if any of the old vanilla people are around.

at one time I was named Nove or Nycto lol.

Nature’s Alliance
Rage Quit
Happy hour

I’m still around. Don’t get to play much anymore, so just run solo. Used to be in Rage Quit back in the day. Not sure if there is anyone else from RQ still playing on this server.

Doriath here, use to be in ragequit. Dogknight i remember you. Be sick if we could get some people together to play again. Finally clear nax.

I haven’t played on WR since BC, but I started here back in 05. Had a mage called Caggali, spent most of my time pvping and did some raiding on the side with TCT if I remember correctly.

I’ll be rolling Alliance on a PVP server, so if anyone old timers is interested in playing again, hit me up: Treize#1188 is my btag.

I actually just came here to see if anybody could remember the name of a horde rogue that afk’d his way to high warlord back in the day during vanilla. He would gank people all over the world and made some videos of it. I played a horde tauren warrior named Brorin and an undead mage named Winthrop. I was in a small guild early on called Paratus and eventually made my way into Mags Marauders for some raiding. I can’t remember any of the other guilds I was in.

May have been Nicolai, I shall not forget him!

Boom! I believe you are correct sir. My buddy was ganked by him and made it into one of his videos. I was trying to find the videos but my search has been futile so far.

Haha yea, I watched those yesterday! Brought back some good memories. Can’t wait to pvp again like this again.

Sad thing is I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast but I can remember almost all of those people in that video and how hard they were to kill…Zaze was a monster druid and was near unkillable.


Man I forgot about Zaze, he was killer!

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My original account is long gone but I still occasionally log onto retail. Yemic from Forlorn Legacy

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Mags Marauders is a guild name I’ve not heard in a long time. I wonder how old Mags is doing these days. I used to raid with Mags. I was one of their healers (Hordelicious). Who did you used to play as?

Remember you also mate.
Looks like Valex will be around also. He posted int he new forum section blizz made called ‘Get started finding people here’ in the Classic WoW section.
Last person I remember seeing online from RageQuit on my friends list was JimX. But that was still a couple years ago.

On a separate note, I remember Nicolai too. Fought him many a times. Used to give him a good run for his money. Those videos though are so bad, lol.

<< Used to be in /rQ here as a US member, raid tanking… was under raging, chubby or Mex at the time, can’t recall–warrior tank btw… saintgotenkx, brune, jimx, valex, pfo, erienne, man bringing back great memories… fell out of touch with them… me and saintgoten were great buddies and kept in touch for quite a while when they had the guild forums… just saying whats up every now and again…

ahh classic. Only because this conversation sparked did I even think to google… I don’t think it’s a coincidence there is a guild on frostmourne (oceanic ofc) named Jims and a warlock named saintgoten is in there. Doriath & Dogknight I definitely remember u both. :smiley:

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I’ve had a few race changes and long breaks but I’m currently playing, Grand Marshal SaintGoten reporting for duty > . >

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A bunch of us from old school windrunner are rolling on US Mankrik PVE EST alliance, roll it up and join us!

Saint! Miss you bro. Hit me up! DogKnight#1395

Hey Guildies,
i moved around over the years and quit every other expansion or so. I remember a bunch of you on both sides of the fence on windrunner early days. I was Quietly (2nd rogue on the server in full bloodfang lol behind somara, couldn’t get into FL) back then pushing BWL and AQ after we crushed MC. i remember the priests being particularly cool, who was our dwarf priest? and the warriors. Harolf warrior was my RL bud i brought along. And who was that awesome druid from forlorn legacy i used to duel all night with. Are you guys hitting Vanilla with a vengeance? I was thinking about the grind to barman’s shanker again, blowing people up in BGs for old times sake.

palmetto#1496 - not currently subscribed
All my best toons are on Sargeras now: i always regretted not picking PVP the 1st time.

i was googling around to see if i could find our old forums, and DREAMING about a crossplatform mobile version of this game…

Hey guys, we set up a discord server for Old School Windrunner for classic wow

https ://

Feel free to come on in and hang out! Feel free to post any old pictures you have