Classic Update - March 1

see you for the next update in 4 months : (


I’m dying and Classic is the only cure.


Thanks for the update!


Replying to signal my happiness and relief.


No, thank you!


Exactly what I thought… I already knew half of the information they gave us. They say they read the forums but address none of what we talk about.


I wonder if you guys checked the flee speed of enemies during warlock fear.


Guess i better prep the troll cave this summer.


Hopefully that is the stuff coming “soon”.
If it turns out to be more of the same, then I will be upset.


Can’t wait!

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Did you fix the hunter bug, when you spam arcane shot it toggles auto-attack on and off? Made playing a hunter really annoying in the demo.


It’s a given people will complain. If it turned out that Blizzard had the original 1.12 data and pulled a fast one and literally just released the patch on the old school style servers, people would still find things wrong with it. Then they’d come here and tell everybody all of the things Blizz got wrong. I’m far from a corporate apologist, but the reality is that some people aren’t happy unless they’re miserable.


so excited just can’t wait


Yay for soon and not soon™ thanks for the post


Correct me if I am wrong and terribly mistaken, but I am fairly confident none of this was new information. I don’t mean to come off strong because I truly do believe deep down that Blizzard should stay quiet until Classic release.

On that note there are still things that I personally think NEED to be brought up and I don’t think are hard to discuss.

  • Will there be a beta?
    I know this is a silly question and there is probably a 99% chance but until it is confirmed it is a worry for the community. Would there really be backlash if you guys announced a beta right now?
  • Any sort of changes to progression discussed?
    Any changes to the current list announced at Blizzcon for patch progression? Recent talk about item progression is fairly important, what has the internal discussion been about that? (In my personal opinion it may be impossible to have perfect item progression because a lot of the data for proc changes and ppm etc. may have been lost.)
  • Server cap ideas?
    Should list the team’s ideas on server cap so the community could discuss it and maybe come to a conclusion on what the most optimal decision would be for this. Not only for themselves but so Blizzard won’t have to open as many servers etc.
  • What would happen to dying servers?
    Server transfers? Server merging? What’s being discussed here. This might be one of the biggest problems that I see the community chatting about a little bit but not nearly as much as I personally think it should be. If you rolled on a High pop server when it launches but it ends up being low later in its lifetime that could really impact a player’s experience in classic.

You don’t need to answer all of these questions right away or answer any questions at all if the team isn’t ready yet, but there should be more news that is actually new information. Trust me even if it is small information it is huge to us. Keep on truckin thanks for the hard work on classic guys, can not wait to play it come release!


Thank you! Anxiously awaiting notice of when I can burn my vacation days!


Or they could simply read the other sticky that has the community compiled question list.


Yeah but there are way too many questions and very specific ones that have a lot of possible different answers to them. People need to realize they can’t answer all those questions right away with the perfect answer. Stuff is still being figured out.

There are however, questions that are fairly easy to answer that aren’t even known currently. For example will we even have a beta? It’s silly to ask this but we honestly have no idea.




Thank god.

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