Classic Transfers, Extend Deadline?


Hi, is there any possible chance of extending the free transfers over to new servers or expanding the rosters? I felt like the 5 day opening (when you introduced the increased servers linked to new server on the 11th) didn’t give alot of chance to some people like myself that went on vacation and only recently returned. I hadnt had the opportunity to digest and talk with my friends to see if they wanted to transfer since everyone was busy with work over the week.


That’s not information we’re going to have to share with you, sadly. If they do decide to offer more character migrations, you can be sure it’ll be posted in the WoW Classic Discussion forums like the previous batch.

I’m sorry you weren’t able to take advantage during the provided period though


I had the same issue, forgot to remove an item from the auction house, and the queue was so big that i was unable to login until today to removed it.


Dangit, I also missed the free transfer I was gonna transfer my 3 on one account and 3 on another .


I also missed this deadline, I wasn’t aware that the server transfer window was so short!!! Now we’re basically stuck until blizzard decides to do this again??? If ever??? I have a group of coworkers all playing and we were going to join our groups together on the same server but apparently we can’t now! What blizzard! I didn’t see any time-specific warning in the battle-net client OR in-game!!!

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The information was readily available on the wow classic general forums. the information was posted in the thread that announced the opening of that round of transfers.

If transfers open again, make sure to watch for the wow classic general forum for more details.


Had 10 of us from Stalagg from the guild Alliance Reforged plan to transfer over to Heartseeker today. Some of us were able to log in during their lunch hour and the rest were planning to transfer over tonight. Therefore, our large crew is split with one half in Heartseeker and the other half in Stalagg. We all were stunned to find out that the window ended in the middle of the day. We are all even willing to pay money to all be back on the same servers again. Please help <3


Players shouldn’t even have to visit the forums for important info like this, full stop.


Could not agree more.

  1. The Battle met program news info is only used for important info, like if the servers need to come down, if there’s an outage that’s not due to their doing and such.

  2. They’re not going use that program to basically use it as a blog to inform players, they’ve pretty much did what they can to inform everyone. They’re not going to go door to door to inform us.

  3. If you’re not willing to go to places they have the info at the ready, there isn’t much they can do to force everyone to know.

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If you’d like to see free transfers opened up again to a specific server, you’ll want to post in the Classic General Forums.

CS has no control over these systems and there’s nothing they can do to help move people now that the transfers are closed.

That said, re-rolling is still free.

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I’m sorry you feel that way, Squabji, that is were we have traditionally provided details on a lot of game specific information, going back to Vanilla. We announced Free Character Migration on the Classic Discussion forums, and continued to provide updates and details there as well. I am sorry you missed the information.

If you wish to provide feedback regarding the Free Character Migration the best place to provide it would be in the Classic General Discussion forum. I’m afraid CS has no involvement in that process and cannot assist in this matter.