[Classic] The North American Grobbulus RP-PvP Discord

Hello and thank you for your time,

The former RP-PvP Conclave is extending our support to the RP-PvP community by continuing a clean minimalist Discord for North America’s newest RP-PvP Realm – Grobbulus

Driven by a love for Warcraft, we’ve been victorious in securing a realm @ launch!
So this Discord will extend it’s agenda to reflect the growing excitement, community integration and ongoing recruitment on Grobbulus RP-PvP!

We are community members and that is completely reflective here. Recent Classic realm Discords have been founded by Reddit mods. These people are interested in gaining popularity and maintaining their small circle receives all fruits of their labor. I firmly believe their monopoly on the realm Discords are wrong.

Within our Discord expect to find:
•O.G. North American RP-PvP Discord with community first mentality
•Thoughtful, persistent community members
•Cross faction guild leader channel
•A minimalist layout
•Horde/Alliance only chat channels
•Ongoing recruitment
•Community event planning and updates

NA | Grobbulus RP-PvP: https:// discord.gg/qAkbNer