Classic SoD Nature's Grasp/Roots macro not working

Hey all,

I’m trying to make a macro that without any modifiers I cast Nature’s Grasp and when a shift modifier I cast entangling roots. Trying to save on action bar space! The macro I currently have shows Nature’s Grasp when using no modifiers and then shows roots when holding shift but the roots is not castable. Any help would be appreciated, Thank you!

/cast [mod:shift]Entangling Roots;
/cast Nature’s Grasp

Edit: It works with an alt modifier but not shift. Do shift modifiers just not work in classic?

Shift + the key you’re using is likely already bound to something else, which will supersede the macro modifier.

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Optimized the macro

/cast [mod:shift] Entangling Roots; Nature's Grasp

But ya, what BC said. By default Shift 1-6 are bound to Action Page 1-6 and those keybinds will take priority over the macro modifier.

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