Classic - "Shop" Button Not Appearing

Trying to move a character from Incendius to Netherwind for over a day now. There IS NO SHOP BUTTON anywhere to be found. I have followed the instructions posted here: WoW: Classic – Free Character Migrations

These instructions are incorrect as there is no shop button. There is also no addons button.

Here is a picture of my character selection screen I took moments ago while on Incendius. I blocked out the character names for my privacy.

Please help.

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That suggests to me that Incendius is not an eligible realm for the service.

Provided your game client is updated?

No, Incendius is on the list of eligible realms.

You won’t have an addon button unless you have an addon folder, so that not being there isn’t a surprise.

Our of curiosity, Ripchester, do you have parental controls on and maybe have shop purchases blocked?



No parental controls, as I am 26 years old and the sole user of the account. I have no idea where to block/disable shop purchases, so that’s doubtful too.

Can you show me where to check?

Parental controls can be set up for any number of reasons, not just if you were a minor. I know when we were originally introducing Real ID a lot of users activated parental controls because they thought it was necessary for them to opt out of it.

It does appear you have parental controls set on the account, I just can’t see if any options are checked.

Check out the below article, it should walk you through your settings. The email you have for parental controls is the same as your current log in.


I never enabled parental controls, so if it is enabled, it was done without my consent. I’ll log into my account and check.

EDIT: Alright so I logged into Parental Controls for the FIRST TIME ever on this account and see now that “Allow In-Game Purchases” is not enabled.

How would this have ever happened without my consent? I’ve always been the sole account holder.

I’ll let you know if this fixes the issue.

EDIT #2: Alright, it’s now appearing! Blizzard, please post this solution to the community because I have come across several people with the same issue. Thanks!

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From what I can see the original parental controls looks to have been set up during an account compromise. I’d say we detected it, but parental controls can only be disabled once set up, not removed entirely, so it was disabled and set to your current address.

That said, it does look like parental controls had been modified back in 2012 from the area your account is registered to, so someone with access to your account in your play location was aware of them at some point.


Baffling. Well anyway, thanks for the assistance.

Many thanks for the list!

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By the way, our walkthrough for character moves has been updated to include the missing shop button.


Some of my friends are still experiencing this issue even after double checking parental controls (and enabling and then disabling them just for good measure)

Are there any other possible causes here? I also am seeing this issue now in the currently live WoW Classic client - the button is seemingly just gone from this build, perhaps by accident?

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If there are no transfers being offered in Classic at the moment the shop button may not show. It only appeared in Classic because they were doing free transfers to new and low-pop servers.

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Yeah, I was afraid that might be the issue.

This is extremely frustrating, some of our group missed the transfer window due to 5h+ queues and mail/AH listings, now our whole group is just stuck on separate realms. Seems insane that they’d just end the transfers with no notice and no way to rectify the situation, but I guess pretty much on par with the rest of this launch so far.

There was plenty of notice, to be fair. The window for them being open was transparent since they were introduced.

But perhaps I’m also misunderstanding-- there was a button also located on the queue dialog that gave the transfer option. Why not have those with no auctions/mail take advantage then instead of waiting?

Considering that thread is for the service that hasn’t yet started, that doesn’t help.

After the list of availability.