Classic Server

Where is everyone rolling for classic? Looks like Disposable Heroes will be on Stalagg (H) and Order of the Raven will be on Pagle (A). Anyone else?

I wanted to do RP-PVP…

From a Google document that was posted on Reddit 3 days go it shows a lot of Horde going to Mankrik and a lot of Alliance going to Paggle. The RP-PVP is pretty balanced and PVP servers show they have more horde than alliance. You can go to Reddit to find it or copy and paste the one below. However, more folks are creating names so those numbers will change dramatic in the next few days and in the coming months.


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I’ve been following the Reddit stuff. I’m going to be rolling on Stalagg (and Pagle because guild reasons) most likely. It will be interesting to see how things shift after the initial hype is over. I think there will be a large chunk of people who don’t get past 20. PVP servers are wildly unequal so that’s good. It does look like the largest disparity is the PVE servers which is going to suck once the AQ War effort hits.

I was more interested in seeing where the Aggy folks end up though. Vanilla Aggramar is what me like this game so much.

I went with Athish or whatever it is called, so far it is alright

Shad! Shadowsx, Shad?! HEY, DUDE!

hey, how you been?

I been letting Kolor die in the Deadmines for me in Classic lol

:joy: Sounds about right! Been good! I’m currently playing on Sulfuras (and Stalagg when the queues don’t kill me). Noobing it up on another hunter.

symphonia is on westfall A chilling casually