Classic: Seal Fate Swords?

Anyone tried this or considered it? I’m at a level at which I can run up to Vigor, then put full imp gouge and SS.

In my opinion, only if you have the crit to support it.

I recall doing it back in the day, not that I have the most amazing crit, but I recall that even though I had points, I wouldnt have the energy to use the points all the time.

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If you do this you will need Thistle tea macroed in somewhere for burst!

I wouldn’t do it at even a P1 bis gear level.

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Its only starts getting good when you get AQ40 gear.

You can use sf at any stage, more crit/gear will make it stronger. People say its only viable for aq because thats when you could get 2.5 for 15% increased eviscerates and backstab books etc. Honestly im sitting at 31.1% crit unbuffed and not even full p1 BiS. Play what you want and ignore the people who base all their info on private servers that have different actual values itll screw ya up in the long run.