Classic: Rogue talents seal fate vs prep

Seal fate/vigor/5 piece nightslayer set for 120 energy or prep build, for pvp. What’s your opinion on which one is better?

I think the 120 energy build makes me more deadly but less survivability with no prep.

You want cold blood in assassination and improved gouge. Then spec down the subtlety tree until you get to hemorrhage. Can go the improved ambush route which is good. Your survivability in PvP comes from the amount of stamina you have and if you have vanish available. Seal fate is pretty bad PvP talent as it’s useless without a lot of Crit and outside of your opening attack its kind of wasted

I can see it being good when everyone has bonescythe gear and tons of Crit but that’s like summer next year

I’d say you really don’t want to use retail class forums for classic advice of any kind. Search for the classic rogue discord and there’s a wealth of info to get you squared away (though none of the responses yet where bad… just that you’re odds of consistently getting good info are better in a place specific to classic)

More specifically to your question…

The downsides to the sealfate build is that you’re losing prep (a second blind, vanish, gouge, evasion, sprint, CB if you have that*), at least 2% hit (depends on your gear here, whether that’s an issue or not), and any chance to grab improved sprint for a snare/root break…

The upside is that you suck less running between targets during situations where you wouldn’t be able to get a restealth off.

Prep dagger builds are ideally killing a target by their first or second finisher (and their second is usually gimp sauce) and then desperately trying to get back into stealth. Their ability to sustain dps in combat after that first finisher really dramatically drops off as they have no means of really generating a bunch of CP without seal fate, without ruthlessness, and without initiative proccing on an opener.

Seal fate builds don’t really experience any significant drop off once in combat, but without the extra cds of prep, or any real way to pick up improved sprint, are significantly more vulnerable themselves.

The only time I ran seal fate back in vanilla was when I ran with a warrior and a shaman every night in BG’s and I did it for exactly the reason dude above me said. Sustained out of stealth damage for those group battleground fights where you never get to restealth.