Classic Realm Name Status?

With the name reservations coming in one week, do we have any update on the names of the servers? I’d hope by tomorrow they’ll be released so we have 6-7 days to plan with our guild, friends, etc… on what realm we want to reserve our names on.


This. So much this.

It would help but no news as of yet.


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Just choose whether you want the pvp, pve, or rp one.

Isn’t the limit on number of characters 3? And don’t they limit the number of realms also?

Yup!. You are limited to 3 characters for the Early Name Grab total.

Yes, early name reservation does little good if you have no idea where your guild is going to be.

There’s a Blue post now.


Awesome. Thanks for the headsup

I’ve not seen how they’re going to reserve characters in any of their postings. Normally, character creation is locked to a realm, but the realm list isn’t out yet that I can see except for the stress test with Barov (Normal), Blaumeux (RPPVP) and Stalagg (PVP) available. If that’s it, then it’s ok, but if they’re adding additional realms, I’m not sure how they’re planning on dealing with it. Move the toons we make to a cluster later of our choosing or what?

Look at blue stickies. Realm list is available.

The only one that I’ve seen is within the client itself, which has the 3 that I listed. If that’s the list, that’s cool. I’ve just not seen anything that indicates that it’s the firm list is all

You don’t see blue sticky threads at the top of this forum?

There is a sticky. 11 realms for US. 4 Normal, 5 PvP, 1 RP, 1 RP-PvP

User error on my part. thanks