Classic Realm Lists

Anyone have an educated guess on what the most likely day this week Blizz would announce the realms?

I’m not impatient. YOU’RE impatient.

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Monday at 2:50 pacific time. Obviously.

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No, you are! lol
I seriously think it’ll be Thursday.
I cant believe how close to the end we are getting.
Its incredible.

Im going with Wed before the stress test.


That’s what I was going with but didn’t want to influence anyone else’s guess with my super guessing abilities.


The same time they announce open beta of course!

It’ll probably be sometime the next few days considering character creation is on Monday.

Friday. After the stress test.

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The end of what? Entering your name into the creation screen and then waiting another few weeks to play it? It’s still a long time away…

I used to think a couple weeks was a long time when I was younger. Now it feels like christmas was yesterday. Game is definitely not a long time away. It is just around the corner.

This is the right answer.

I’m guessing it’ll be after the Stress Test, probably Friday.

When you consider Classic was first announced back in 2017 and most people here have been waiting that long for it, three more weeks certainly isn’t a long time away.

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Probably a day ending in y

I would like them to announce today but I feel like Friday is most likely.

After stress test most likely, so… Friday.

I’m changing my initial guess to Friday as well.
I suspect we’ll get a Blue post saying “Thanks for helping us with the pre-launch test. Your reward for doing so are the realm lists, and this cookie.”

Or something along those lines.

It would have to be before the 12th so people can coordinate their servers before logging in to pick their name.

Oh it’s definitely going to be before the 12th. Blizzard said it would be this week, so the latest we’ll find out is Friday the 9th.

And in addition to server list prediction of Friday, I also predict that shortly after the publication of the server list we will either be getting sub forums per server or there will be mega threads demanding sub forums per server.

Don’t forget the forum implosion if no RP-PVP servers pop up.

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