Classic Raiding/PVP

Any old Blackhand vanilla/TBC vets have plans for classic?

I just want to get together with a lot of the old guard and Agree on a server

then We can make the guild Faded War Cats. It would be grand.

Yeah it would be really cool to see some familiar names around.

I’d be down for reuniting with some vanilla friends, used to play a mage named Casts. Miss the endless pvp premades grinding for HWL.

Some people that I’ve talked to will be joining Thalnos horde pvp server. Some panic people. I believe Hiru. Milvel too. I did save the name tankin so hit me up there. Hi casts and puma!!!

Whats up Tankin! I’m also rolling on Thalnos if i can get past the login screen.

We actually decided to go away from thalnos. Supposedly it’s going to be a Brazilian server. So we rolled on stalag horde.