Classic Plus

Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement, I will not say the name of said server, and I do not play on said server. I do not condone illegal servers and I’m not sure if discussing them in against ToS? If so let me know and I’ll happily take down this thread.

I’ve recently heard and have seen videos on Youtube of a server that is gathering traction and is essentially Classic Vanilla with added content inspired by content that was cut out of Vanilla (Hyjal, Kara Crypts, etc.). I think what they’re doing is very bad & illegal but I have to say from what I’ve seen it’s clearly made with a love for the game and I have to say I hope Blizzard notices it and maybe takes inspiration?

It has talent changes, new world bosses, raids, dungeons, and even a new bg. It almost pains me to see this because it’s everything that I would love to see Blizzard try but deep down I know it’ll never happen unless every man, woman, and child on earth gathered hands and prayed for it.

I really want to see Classic+ but I don’t see any discussions about it :frowning:


just slap new content onto classic era imo. kharazhan tuned down to lvl 60 20 man with kharazhan cyrpts as a 40 man hyjal uldum emerald dream! possiblities are endless pretty much just alot more content on azeroth maybe even tune down outlands and northerend to 60 and give us storylines pre illidan and lich king. and maybe we could stop deathwing before cata even happens. also questline to cleanse corrupted ashbringer. please blizzard vanilla wow is great just give us more vanilla scaled to 60 making the game a big open world sandbox and never put flying mounts in the game


I personally wouldn’t want to see new continents, part of the reason I love classic is the world, there’s so much to work with it’s crazy


I mean there is a lot of content that they cut from the original game that was never released and karazhan was supposed to be released in vanilla they could always improve on the original version of the game some quality of life editions like maybe some added flight paths


All vanilla needs is some new battlegrounds and raids, does NOT need to change anything in there other than that at all, vanilla is perfect

Idk man, I would love to see some talent tuninng, new dungeons, new questing areas, new class quests!


I don’t see the point of porting dungeons/raids from future expansions to vanilla, especially ones we just played a billion times in TBC.

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Yeah I agree, would like to see new dungeons/raids : )


Oh boy, do I have the game for you.

Blizzard dropped the ball and is now dealing with casual retail players tryna overthrow WOTLK. Should be CLASSIC+ WOTLK+ not retail progression

A ‘yes’ to TBC was a ‘yes’ to retail progression servers. Classic+ is waiting in Classic Era Phase 7.

Nope /10char

What game?

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

I’m not your typical gamer, I do in fact play multiple games including retail! as you can see from my pfp :smiley:

I think anyone that played Classic or Vanilla knows there’s a magic to the original world, quests, and class design that makes Classic very unique and memorable. Even that being the case you can only play Classic so many times and I would love to see it iterated on in interesting ways with Classic design philosophy in mind.


If classic is so memorable why dont you keep playing it the way it is for the rest of your life? Why the need to add content already existing in the multiple expansions that came later?

Also I ask you do you really think blizzard will devote development time and work into making “new” content for a version of the game they themselves see as the wnba of the nba?

I probably could! but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to see new things, after all it’s human nature to want something new once inawhile.

I don’t want content from other expansions, I want them to expand on Eastern Kingdoms & Kalimdor. Add entirely new dungeons, raids, & class changes tailored for 1.13.

I think this is a bad analogy, when Classic was out in 2019 I think there was more people playing Classic than retail. I don’t think there has ever been a moment in the WNBA where they had more viewship than the NBA. Ignoring that I think if there’s a demand for it, they will make it. If that weren’t true we wouldn’t have Classic at all :smiley:


Not sure why anyone would not want a classic +/osrs style implementation of classic.

Everyone shouts go to retail yet these same players are continuing to play any new classic xpac they release. Are these same players going to be shouting “go to retail” while simultaneously plying cata? what about mop? Legion classic?

At what point does “go to retail” have any innate meaning

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Its not about new content.there is a lot of cut content

I’m just waiting something like this TBH. Subbed, but not even playing