@ classic Maelstrom

Oh how I miss thee. All these posts about classic servers got me nostalgic - some of my best memories from WoW were here on Maelstrom! The random PvP encounters in Westfall, Duskwood and STV, watching TTL / LL walk around in sweet gear while I was new. :cry:

Polus playing in Westfall.
Unsanctified, we became friendsies and then I left and fell out of touch.
Xhii, pretty much same as Unsanc :frowning:

~ Helas ( Human Paladin ) // Mertick ( Gnome Rogue ) // Velanis ( Night Elf Druid )


I haven’t seen Sanc in a while. He rolled a human named Unsanq for a bit. I want to say I last saw him around MoP/WoD time period. Maybe a bit in Legion?

Xhii pops up randomly, though I want to say primarily on Xeidj. You might be able to find someone who knows where they are in the Discord, I don’t see their names in there right now though.

https:// discord.gg/txpDsEA

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I haven’t played here since TBC so I’m pretty sure most people wouldn’t recognize me anyways. Just got nostalgic and wanted to say hi :stuck_out_tongue: Appreciate the info though!

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No problem, just thought you might be looking to reconnect if possible. There’s also a website with an excel sheet that lists people from original servers who are coming back for Classic.

I feel like I recognize some of your names, but I can’t place exactly what we would have been doing. Maybe just a random PUG thing, or from BGs (I’ve only mained this character since Maelstrom launched).

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I’ve been around since Vanilla but I didn’t really do much except play AV and do ZG.

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Were you me? Also did you change your name? I feel like I was seeing you in other forums with a different name.

Nah, this character has always been Galdor. I played a DK named Gaffgarrion for years.

That’s the character I’m thinking of. That of course wouldn’t have been Vanilla though lol.

Balanor, where have you been? We would welcome your help for our raids on Dazar’Alor Sundays at 1pm server. If you want to tank I’m sure we could arrange for some training on the powers and weaknesses of the Horde and Zandalari defenders, too.

A bit preoccupied lately. Took on some part-time mercenary work, got a new nephew, and scouting out some new lands ((MTG Arena, Apex Legends, unlocking Horde allied races)). I’ll mark your raids on my calendar though, and try to make time when possible.

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Asset here. I think Vod and myself will try and reach out to as many LL’rs as possible for some classic action.

Should be lots of fun… AGAIN!

Xi is in eternal lurker mode in the KTM Discord.

Hey I was in TTL, my name was Blink. I still game with Sominus

I keep up with all the new forum posts by checking in once every couple of years.


same here lol

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