Classic Lothar Players

If you have not seen the vanillafriends website yet google it. Helps find old friends from classic.

Trying to track down as many of my old Lothar pals as I can. Might will be playing classic in a casual capacity. We have around 20 of our original members coming back to play. Any of our old friends from Horde/Alliance The Claw, Demo, Black Watch, or any of our other friends are more than welcome. I see you still trolling the forums Uzziel if you do not have plans come play with us.

You can find me on discord

Post the server name when you know it. Maybe I can sway the group of curmudgeons I am playing with into going there. The psychos are talking about going pvp but I dont think they understand the amount of griefing they are signing up for. It will be way worse than it was in vanilla with no battlegrounds (for a while).

I checked to see if Kout would play and start The Claw back up… he said he’d “rather wash dishes”.

We are playing on Mankrik Alliance PVE server.

Hey Uzziel! I’ll be alliance on Mankrik with Might as well. Working on getting some other vanilla horde players over there!

I will have to make a character on that server to pop in and say hi. I forgot Lothar was a EST server, so all you guys are EST people. All the rl friends I play with now are west coast/hawaii people so we are going to a PST server. At least I wont have to do 90 mph to get home in time for raids on a PST server. Plus they surprised me and decided to go horde for once!!!

Talking of old vanilla wow one of the larger guilds on lothar was knights of the alliance back in the grand old days. I remember people such as feathersong, and many others i ran with in some grand pvp fights on a pve server. I find it funny that some people seem to think that there was no world pvp back then.