(Classic) LF late-night Alliance guild - NA-PVP


Hey all, as the title suggests, I am looking for an Alliance, raid-focused late-night guild, for Classic.

I am in the Central Timezone, and am available for raid times starting at about 11PM CST.

I have vanilla experience tanking up to C’thun, and know what is required/expected of me in a raid setting.

I also have Mythic(Heroic where applicable) experience in Cata, MoP, and WoD, and can link logs if you really care lol.

I am open to almost any class/role, but prefer warrior.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this far, and I hope to hear from you!

Contact info:
Discord: Cynis#9408
Btag: Cynis#1595


Also looking of course at PST guilds that start around 9PM PST, Thanks!


Also looking for this same thing. Either of you find anything?