Classic is going to become a game where

Sorry, I was farming some ore. There’s not much to really argue here because you have no proof of your claim. The only thing you could prove (which you have yet to do) is that 27 characters are in statholme. You have no way of knowing if they are bots or not, as you don’t have access to the powerful technology that blizzard has.

Leave it to Blizzard to decide who is botting. You need proof, not an assumption.

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Make a character on netherwind and do /who on strat

This point still stands.

Guildless mages, with random letter names. Are these companies paying you to argue on the forums or something?

ok that’s enough out of you :anger:

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They actually defend themselves quite perfectly, have a gander here. What you are seeing is not necessarily “bots” just because you think they are.

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You’re literally being paid to argue for these botting companies, aren’t you?

This seems like something that’ll happen because of a 30 instance per day cap. Much logic, well reasoned, wow.

Well, they’re more than likely going to make it so it’s not possible to boost, then they’re going to make it so that items that drop on grey mobs don’t give as much loot (to combat just farming the instance). Then they’re probably going to hotfix PvP premades.

Wait you couldnt get that name in classic?

Or did you just decide to not make it your name in game?

No, I’m arguing on behalf of all the falsely accused players like in the thread that I linked. We want bots banned, not players that we think are bots.

Also, I’m putting this thread on mute, because the way you reply to people is inappropriate to say the least.

If you think, a bunch of multiboxing 60 GUILDLESS mages with randomly generated letter names in strat for 6 hours and logging out AREN’T bots, you’re being obtuse.

EDIT: Not checking your blood pressure doesn’t mean it isn’t high. Even if your very shady cash grab doctor tells you it isn’t

The bots will replenish on the mega servers before the lower pop ones. It’s basic supply and demand. I actually could pick herbs during peak hours on my alts medium server, it was amazing.

Just as well you aren’t prone to exaggeration or reductive reasoning

I am perfectly fine thank you very much.

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Interesting I’ve never seen an ENTIRE thread so calmly dismantle such a thirsty troll. Usually SOMEONE caves.

I just banned 100k bots.

See how easy it is to ban bots?

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You sure about that? Maybe you should look again.

I just haven’t gotten around to pvping

There’s a lot of world pvp going on in the 55+ zones over herbs/mining as well as mobs that drop rep loot or parsing items on my server.

I’d imagine all the lower level stuff is a ghost town atm with how many alts are buying boosts.